Jun 012013

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans board member Erin Greenwald will join the committee searching for a new CEO after the previous nominee rejected an offer from the school, according to a report by The Lens. Meanwhile, board member Dan Henderson has resigned as he had suggested he would at the board’s last regular meeting, opening the spot for another of the new members to be seated, the report states.

Jun 012013

Jurors will be able to hear statements to police by Sheldon Jefferson, 15, and Christopher Davis, 18, allegedly confessing to their roles in the violent carjacking and rape of a Garden District resident in February, when the case goes to trial in July, based on a court ruling Friday by Judge Franz Zibilich reported on by Claire Galofaro of The Advocate. The third suspect, 17-year-old Joseph Davis, did not speak to investigators, and attorney Robert Jenkins is requesting that he be tried separately — though Zibilich says he will still finish the trial by summer’s end, Galofaro reports.

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Jun 012013

Sen. Karen Carter Peterson

State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson — who represents much of Uptown New Orleans and chairs the state Democratic Party — attributed racist motivations to opponents of expanding Medicaid health care coverage to the state’s estimated 400,000 uninsured residents, and both Gov. Bobby Jindal and state Republican Party chair Roger Villere have denounced her remarks, according to a report by Paul Murphy and our partners at WWL-TV:

Jun 012013

The Future is Now charter organization — tasked by the Recovery School District last year with overseeing the final two years of Walter L. Cohen High School as New Orleans College Prep takes over the campus one year at a time — is now having second thoughts about that commitment, according to a report by Della Hasselle of The Lens. Cohen is a burden on the budget for Future is Now, which also governs John McDonogh High School, charter officials have said, and they are meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday to discuss dropping Cohen in the coming year, Hasselle reports.

May 312013

Map of areas that New Orleans Fire Department ladder trucks can reach within eight minutes presented at Thursday’s meeting.

Removal of a ladder truck from the fire station on Arabella Street will reduce the safety of the surrounding Uptown neighborhood and represents a dangerous trend of reducing the size of the New Orleans Fire Department, the president of the firefighters’ union said Thursday night in the latest round of debate over the issue.

City officials countered that the entire neighborhood will still be protected by the most important firefighting equipment — a pumper truck — and that the redeployment set to go into effect later this summer represents the best use of the city’s resources. But residents remained unconvinced, and are continuing their effort to keep the ladder truck in service.
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May 312013

Tulane President Scott Cowen speaks about the university’s proposed stadium at City Hall in June 2012. (UptownMessenger.com file photo by Robert Morris)

Tulane University President Scott Cowen — who led the university through Hurricane Katrina into a controversial rebuilding process and is bringing Tulane football back to the Uptown campus after decades in the Superdome — will retire at the end of the next school year, he announced Friday. Continue reading »

May 312013

The Tin Men, John Mooney and the Honeypots will entertain shoppers among the more than 90 local food and arts vendors at the free Freret Market from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday — the last appearance of the market at Freret and Napoleon before a two-month summer break. See FreretMarket.com for more details.

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May 312013

Craig Giesecke

One of the good/bad things about being in the food business in one of the world’s great food cities is the competition. The upsides are many: the continued pressure for innovation and creativity, the consistent high quality of even the most basic places and the ability to socialize and work with some of the best chefs this nation has to offer. There are many, many other great things about the New Orleans food scene, not the least of which are talented colleagues and the very discerning and appreciative customers. Continue reading »

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May 302013

This week, @Sweden is talking on Twitter about an industrial design conference and the proper playlist for an afternoon run. Last week it was scenes from a musician’s 900-kilometer walking tour around the country, and before that it was the minutiae of international hockey drama — each week, another unique view of life narrated by another Swede.

“I thought it was really interesting that they were taking people from one place that had different experiences,” said Champ Superstar, one of the better-known Twitter personalities in New Orleans, and a longtime follower of the @Sweden account. “I’ve been thinking for a long time, like for a year, that this would be cool to do for New Orleans. I kind of waited for someone else to start it and even mentioned it on Twitter from time to time, and finally I just thought, ‘Today’s the day.'” Continue reading »

May 302013

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

Food in many forms is hot in New Orleans right now.

For those of us who remember how awful and dead the city seemed after Katrina with no street lights, no house lights and only wreckage everywhere it’s quite a thrill to drive by the construction sites in Mid-City and Carrollton where three massive supermarkets are being built. Continue reading »

May 292013

Getting married is an exciting and romantic time for any couple and one to approach with great celebration. Often couples do not understand that in addition to the vows between spouses, marriage is an entry into a legal contract with attached obligations and privileges under the law of Louisiana. A consultation at the Law Office of Sarah Pfeiffer will provide individuals or couples with education and guidance to plan your life together, make fully-informed choices about your future and your property and determine whether a pre-marital agreement (“pre-nup”) is right for you. Continue reading »

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May 292013

Jean-Paul Villere

Hurricane season.  Here again.  And possibly the longest measurable annual event we as a society take the time to acknowledge and name its progeny.  It begins at the end of spring, sweats you out all summer, and finally gnaws into fall.  Daylight savings may be its only contender in terms of expanse, only when you lose or gain an hour it’s never as eventful as losing a week of electricity in the soupy humidity of the Crescent City.  Will last year’s Isaac excursion make you better prepared?  Or more ready to leave sooner?  And don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten or perhaps you’re a new New Orleanian? 

Ok, let’s run through some basics. Continue reading »

May 282013

Frank Alexis (via opcso.org)

After a shooting near a Broadmoor intersection that has been the focus of increasing economic development and anti-violence efforts, a 62-year-old man turned himself into police early Saturday morning, authorities said. Continue reading »

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