Nov 102012

Craig Giesecke

Last week I put out a few ideas about commercial kitchen items that can seriously upgrade a kitchen at home, without spending a billion dollars or being stuck with something you’ll use only once or twice. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this through the week and taking note of things at the shop, but I’m sure there are some things I’ve missed. When I find them, I’ll be sure to pass those along as well. Continue reading »

Nov 092012

TJ Quills has transformed into “Annex,” after a visit from a cable TV reality show. (photo by Marta Jewson for

TJ Quills has a new owner, a new look, a new name — essentially, a complete overhaul of the Maple Streeet bar, thanks to Bar Rescue, a reality show on SPIKE TV. Continue reading »

Nov 092012

Christy Lorio (photo by Leslie Almeida)

Growing up here in the New Orleans area, you’d think I’m accustomed to mild winters. Fall down here is just a quaint notion, one that comes from a brain soaked with humidity in desperate need of some crisp cool air. I’m not one to obsess over the weather, but I get antsy in anticipation of consistently nippy days. Unfortunately, we all know drinking pumpkin spice lattes while wearing shorts is inevitable, but with a little careful planning you can make sure you are dressed for Mother Nature’s most erratic behavior by planning ahead on a daily basis. Continue reading »

Nov 092012

The ENCORE Academy governing board is holding a Saturday morning retreat to discuss a number of general issues relating to the school’s growth, including plans for a facility, participation in the OneApp common enrollment process, financial and enrollment goals, and open-meeting laws. Continue reading »

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Nov 092012

By Dana Kaplan

I have been so blessed by the thousands of New Orleanians who voted for me this week in the primary election for the New Orleans City Council, District B. Thank you for believing in my message for a safer community, more youth opportunities and incentives for job growth. With your support, I finished a strong second in Tuesday’s election and am in an excellent position going into the December runoff. Continue reading »

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Nov 082012

The former New Orleans Free School on Camp Street, photographed in October.

Nicole Smith (center) smiles as she replaces her bid number after casting the lone $1.2 million bid for the former New Orleans Free School at auction Thursday morning. (Robert Morris,

The former New Orleans Free School on Camp Street may follow in the footsteps of the LaSalle School on Pitt Street, after a residential developer won it at auction Thursday morning with a single, minimum bid of $1.2 million.
Continue reading »

Nov 082012

A New Orleans police detective examines a wallet taken in a home invasion on Pitt Street and apparently discarded by the fleeing suspects on Aug. 27. ( file photo by Robert Morris)

Charles Carter (via

Fingerprints from a suspect in a New Orleans East murder were found inside a car taken during a home-invasion robbery on Pitt Street in late August as Hurricane Isaac came ashore, police said Wednesday. Continue reading »

Nov 082012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

Well, Danae was right, as usual. She predicted the President Barack Obama victory and said correctly that his performance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy would be a game-changer.

Allan was wrong, as usual. He thought that Governor Mitt Romney was still riding the momentum of his fine performance in the first Presidential debate. Unfortunately for Romney and the Republican Party, the Romney momentum was overpowered by the winds of Hurricane Sandy and the pictures of President Obama being presidential, bringing aid and solace to the stricken. Continue reading »