Jul 182012

Jean-Paul Villere

Monday morning I woke up with a crusty old ’90s grunge rock song rattling around in my head, which I suppose isn’t too big of a surprise.  It was “Overblown” by Mudhoney.  And unless you were or are a student of grunge, which I kind of was, or spun the soundtrack to the movie Singles more than a handful of times (guilty) you might never have heard this jangly noise bomb.  It drives a careening beat and rhythm accompanied by these opening lyrics:

Everybody loves us
Everybody loves our town
That’s why I’m thinking lately
The time for leaving is now

Hey, hey, hey, hey (x4)
It’s so overblown
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Jul 172012

Shared Housing of New Orleans — a program to help elderly and/or disabled adults remain in their homes by matching them with people looking for a place to live — is seeking new referrals for homeowners or ‘homeseekers.’ These ‘homeseekers’ provide light housekeeping and companionship in exchange for room and board. Shared Housing carefully screens applicants, facilitates appropriate matches, then formalizes each match in a contract. Continue reading »

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Jul 162012

Owen Courreges

You know, if I ever have kids, I think I’ll send them to Company Burger for school. It’s probably cheaper than paying for a traditional private school, and I hear the cafeteria is awesome.

What? You say that Company Burger isn’t a school? It’s a burger joint?

Oh my. Somebody might want to alert Mayor Landrieu before he starts subsidizing it as a charter school. Continue reading »

Jul 142012

Craig Giesecke

I find myself in transition again this week, after walking away from a decently paying kitchen job. It only reinforced the idea that some of us either can’t or can no longer be simply employees, at least not for very long. We’re always bumping our heads against an overly low ceiling. A weekly paycheck is nice, but it’s also something of a leash that‘s too often pulled short. Continue reading »