Feb 182013

Owen Courreges

Mayor Landrieu has a terrible case of buyer’s remorse.

Last July, Mayor Landrieu was on hand to announce a consent decree between the U.S. Justice Department and the City of New Orleans in a lawsuit that alleged widespread abuses of basic civil rights by the New Orleans Police Department.  “Now, after more than two years of work, the consent decree is done,” Mayor Landrieu remarked at the time.

Well, perhaps not quite done.  Apparently, Mayor Landrieu didn’t consider the fact a consent decree might be reached with respect to the city’s other constitutional abomination, Orleans Parish Prison.  That’s exactly what happened.   Landrieu spokesman Ryan Berni argues that “both the prison and NOPD consent decrees cannot be paid for at this time without raising taxes or laying off or furloughing employees.” Continue reading »

Feb 172013

Consultant Jeremy Hunnewell (at right) sits with charter-school advocate Caroline Roemer Shirley and state Department of Education official Raphael Gang at a January meeting of the Lycee Francais board as they discuss plans to create a path forward for the school’s leadership. (UptownMessenger.com file photo by Robert Morris)

A consultant hired by state officials to chart a path forward for Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans is recommending swift changes to the school’s leadership, starting with a national search for a new school leader and concrete plans for empaneling new members of the LFNO governing board. Continue reading »

Feb 162013

Charcoal at Jackson and Magazine, photographed in November. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

The long-awaited Charcoal’s Gourmet Burger Bar on Magazine Street and the new Wayfare deli on Freret have both opened, and the original Reginelli’s location at Magazine and State is now slated to become a restaurant called Noodle & Pie. Continue reading »

Feb 152013

Craig Giesecke

One of the things I enjoy so much about where I’m working these days is the fair amount of freedom I get to produce what I want instead of being held to a list of prescribed recipes and procedures. Once a chef has spent a certain amount of time in self-employment, it is extremely difficult to go into someone else’s kitchen and do their thing their way – just as it would be for anyone in any industry to similarly adapt.

During the Great Job Searches of that dismal year 2012, I purposely avoided applying for employment in any kitchen run by, say, John Besh, Emeril Lagasse or any of the Brennans (among others). There were several reasons, but the chief among them was respect. These folks have excellent reputations and proven track records, and it would be an insult for me to try to “improve” on what they do. Given my junior status in the food industry and my lack of a culinary degree, it would be doubly stupid of me to think I could make their operations better by saying anything more than “yessir” when given a task. Continue reading »

Feb 142013

Today is the day when love is most visible, filled with candies and chocolates, hearts and flowers, and everything in between. But these are all the norms for women’s gifts. This Valentine’s day, get the man in your life something he can brag about. Recognized locally and nationwide for quality at every point, we have an assortment of accessories available in the shops or gift cards for services. Continue reading »

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Feb 142013

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

With the much-enjoyed 2013 Mardi Gras now an endearing memory it’s time to turn our attention to the Lenten season and fasting. It’s always good to give up things like fancy desserts and fine liquor for a few months but with politicians like ours, we’re giving up much more.

Allan and Danae liked Bobby Jindal the Congressman — but not Bobby Jindal the Governor.  This Lent, we are thinking about all those college students who have been negatively impacted by the constant cuts to higher ed. We’re thinking about the thousands of Medicaid recipients who will no longer get the quality of services they need; and the mental health patients and their families who are suffering because doctors, clinics and hospital beds are not available. Continue reading »

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Feb 142013

The crash took place on South Claiborne near Amelia, and the gray Chevrolet Avalanche then turned left onto the next street, Louisiana Avenue Parkway, police say.

A man who was trying to cross South Claiborne Avenue on foot was killed after being hit by a large SUV truck that did not stop, authorities said. Continue reading »