Sep 272012
Could Rye be the reason Magazine street’s favorite UPS delivery guy has been spotted parking his van so often in the 4200 block? Don’t tell the man in Brown, but talk on the street is the proprietress of Rye has been known to keep plenty company with the Fed-Ex fella too. That must be why she is always found with a steamer at her side and new styles on the racks!
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Sep 262012

Kara Morgan, president of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association, talks about the importance of providing recreation to area children Monday at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lyons Center on Tchoupitoulas Street. (Robert Morris,

Sunlight streams through the gaping holes in the roof of the Lyons Center basketball court. (Robert Morris,

Desperate to provide recreational opportunities for the children of their neighborhood over the last several years, Irish Channel residents have organized their own basketball leagues, running extension cords down the street to operate a scoreboard.

Those days may soon be over, as the city has finally begun work this week renovating the Lyons Center into a state of the art community space for sports, dance and computer education — with a promised completion date of this coming spring. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

Jean-Paul Villere

In a day and age when both rents seem outta wack (read: way high) but loan rates seem equivalently outta wack (read: historically low), to follow are the pros and cons, or the likely benefits and potential headaches, of landlording.  

Personally my journey to becoming a landlord was fairly accidental and organic.  My (then fiance but shortly thereafter) wife and I purchased a little single shotgun Uptown in the late 90s only to move out of state within the year.  We didn’t want to re-sell so we leased it out, and for 3 years we kept the same tenant which in turn paid our note and then some for miscellaneous upkeep.  When we returned to re-occupy the space in 2001, a little while later we felt we kinda missed managing an income producing investment.  In short order we made the leap proper and bought a duplex in early 2002, and we’ve been in the business since.  So if you wanna be a landlord… Continue reading »

Sep 262012

LaToya Cantrell

LaToya Cantrell announced the endorsements of five other elected officials Wednesday morning: two who would be her colleagues on the City Council, Kristin Gisleson Palmer and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell; the state representative whose district includes part of District B, Neil Abramson; and two state senators, J.P. Morrell and Edwin Murray. Continue reading »

Sep 252012

ENCORE Academy moved into its wing of the new Crocker campus on Marengo Street last week. (Robert Morris,

ENCORE Academy School Leader Terri L. Smith (center) shows a kindergarten classroom to two board members on Monday night. (Robert Morris,

After a long-running search for a building followed by a temporary stint at the Touro Synagogue that was prolonged by a hurricane, ENCORE Academy has finally made it to the new Crocker school building that will serve as the new charter school’s home for its first school year. Continue reading »

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Sep 252012

Investigators examine the body of 18-year-old Jamal Christian where it was found Tuesday morning on the grounds of Mahalia Jackson Elementary on Jackson Avenue. (Robert Morris,

On Tuesday morning, the third day of searching, the family of Jamal Christian passed through the abandoned 160-year-old United Methodist church on Jackson Avenue, into a vacant lot and across South Robertson Street into the yard of Mahalia Jackson Elementary School. When Christian’s father spotted his 18-year-old son’s body lying underneath the bushes, he threw his cell phone to the ground in despair and groaned, “Oh, Jamal.” Continue reading »

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Sep 252012

One man was killed and another injured Monday evening in a shooting that stemmed from an argument inside a west Carrollton home, and two other people showed up at the hospital from bullet wounds apparently sustained in another shooting near South Carrollton and Washington avenues, police said. Continue reading »

Sep 252012

A new rendering of the Tulane Stadium, and how it fits in the neighborhood. (courtesy Tulane University)

Article by Marta Jewson, for

While the interruption of Hurricane Isaac delayed negotiations between the city and Tulane University over an operating agreement for the proposed Uptown football stadium, Audubon Boulevard residents learned Monday night that the wall of the stadium won’t be as high or as close to some of their homes as originally planned. Continue reading »

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Sep 242012

The City Council District B candidates — Eric Strachan, LaToya Cantrell, Dana Kaplan and Marlon Horton — enjoy a moment of levity during a candidates’ forum at St. George’s Church on St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Even their short time on the campaign trail has apparently been good to the four relative political newcomers running for the District B seat, as their individual messages came through in distinct focus during a wide-ranging question-and-answer session before the Bouligny Improvement Association on Monday evening. Continue reading »

Sep 242012

Owen Courreges

The debate over live music continues in New Orleans.  The latest volley was lobbed by Kermit Ruffins, New Orleans’ premiere jazz trumpeter, who presumably needs no further introduction.  From his Facebook page, Ruffins has announced a meeting this Wednesday to discuss “a plan of [action] to stop the city from taking live entertainment away from small clubs.”

Ruffin’s announcement coincided roughly with three developments: 1) Ruffin’s Mother-In-Law Lounge received its rezoning and permitting for live music; 2) Mimi’s in the Marigny canceled its live music schedule; and, 3) Siberia lounge announced it would be resuming live music in October with obscenely expensive one-shot event permits.

Accordingly, Ruffins is sitting pretty.  Everybody else, not so much. Continue reading »

Sep 222012

The floor of the library is bare after being replaced, and furniture remains stacked in the center of the room out of workers’ way Saturday morning at Audubon Charter School’s Carrollton campus main building. (Robert Morris,

Hurricane Isaac broke a hole through the ceiling of Audubon Charter School’s Carrollton campus main building, flooding the library, and also heavily damaged the roofs of several portable classrooms. Now, school officials hope to have the library repairs finished this coming week and that the roof repairs can be done without costing any more classroom time. Continue reading »

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