Nov 262012

Investigators examine shell casings on the ground after a Monday night shooting near the corner of Annunciation and Washington. (Robert Morris,

Police officers look for evidence near the corner of Annunciation and Washington. (Robert Morris,

Two people were shot Monday evening near the intersection of Washington and Annunciation in the Irish Channel, police said. Continue reading »

Nov 262012

The slaying of 5-year-old Briana Allen at a May 29 birthday party on Simon Bolivar Avenue may have been related to the activities of a gang known as the “One-Tenners … made up of three neighborhood groups from the same area: the St. Mary Mafia, the St. Thomas Young’ns and Skull Squad Mafia,” reports John Simerman of The Times-Picayune, following a hearing on perjury charges against a teen accused of conspiring with gang members to conceal their role in Allen’s death.

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Nov 262012

Buddy Roemer

Melissa Harris-Perry

Tulane Hillel will host a debate between former Governor Buddy Roemer and Tulane Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, who also hosts her own MSNBC show, in a forum called “Is America Moving to The Left? Was This Election About Ideology at All?” on Tuesday evening (Nov. 27). Continue reading »

Nov 262012

(cartoon by Owen Courreges)

The New Orleans Police Department recently announced that it will be dropping the use of pepper spray and using Taser devices exclusively.  This reform came pursuant to the consent decree the city has entered into with the U.S. Justice Department, ostensibly over concerns of overuse of pepper spray and its greater potential for physical harm.

Sometimes, however, even good reforms can be a mixed bag. Continue reading »

Nov 242012

Jean-Jacques Grandiere, photographed during the school’s playground build in 2011. (photo via lyceefrancaisnola/)

The general director of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans resigned his position on Friday, and the board chair and another board member will take on some of his responsibilities until a new leader can be found this summer through a national search. Continue reading »

Nov 242012

The Junior Buckjumpers in 2011.

The Original Men, Original New Orleans Ladies and Junior Buck Jumpers will start their annual second line on Earhart Boulevard near Carrollton at noon and head down the Washington and Louisiana avenue corridor to finish at Seventh and Dryades in Central City at 4 p.m., according to a route sheet published by Gambit’s Big Red Cotton.

Nov 242012

Craig Giesecke

As low-key as I try to keep any holiday anymore, at least at home, the opposite was certainly true at work over the past week. I’m still in recovery mode.

Each year, more and more folks are buying what a friend calls “pre-fab” holiday meals. These are the ones that are pre-cooked and packaged all in one box. All you have to do is pick up, heat up (about an hour for the turkey or ham), transfer to serving plate or bowl (or not) and there ya go – all the smells and (most of) the flavors (everyone’s family is different) and a lot less of the cleanup. Continue reading »

Nov 232012

Protesters rally late Friday morning at the entrance of the Walmart store on Tchoupitoulas in criticism of the corporation’s employment practices. (Robert Morris,

The “Black Friday” madness may have been over late Friday morning at the Walmart on Tchoupitoulas — the parking lot was less full than on an average weekend evening — but a line of a different sort formed around 11 a.m.: several dozen protesters shouting their disapproval of the retail behemoth’s employment practices.

“They say ‘Rollback,’” the protesters cried. “We say ‘Fight back!’” Continue reading »