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    Hey, I live near the Magazine and Jackson intersection where the foundation has been laid for a supposedly new restaurant called Charcoal. But nothing else has been touched in about 2 months. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Please dont tell me this is now going to sit as an undeveloped slab for months…


    Good question, AJ. I’ll try to look into it also.



    That is not just any corner> It is where a woman was hit by a car just before Karina, and she lay there dead in the street for days after the storm. Finally, in the chaos, someone buried her and put up a tombstone sign, “Here Lies Vera”. There is a book about it: Our Sleepless Nights: Surviving Katrina and Burying Miss Vera. It was widely covered in the media


    Karen, you’re right. There’s also still a memorial nearby, created by folk artist Simon whose studio is next door:


    Construction has apparently begun – I saw some massive metal framework on the site this weekend. If I can find out more, I’ll pull together a post on it.



    Is the previous post about “suffering with constant penis bigness” there for humor value? It IS pretty funny!


    Well, thanks for your sense of humor about it. For some reason, these forums attract spam like I’ve never seen before. This thread actually has 37 spam replies on a really diverse array of topics: casino games, colitis, Afghanistan, the ANZUS treaty, the aforementioned “penis bigness” and all these same topics in Russian. A lot of it gets blocked, but a fair amount gets through — and when I get busy with reporting, sometimes I don’t see it in time.

    Talk about the things you don’t expect when you’re starting an online news site.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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