Oct 202017

(map via City of New Orleans)

Traffic on St. Charles Avenue will be reduced to a single lane between Felicity and Calliope streets for the remainder of the year as contractors begin the final phase of a $4.3 million repaving project, New Orleans city officials announced. Continue reading »

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Sep 042017

(image via City of New Orleans)

A section of St. Charles Avenue through the Garden District will close overnight Tuesday for repaving work, and police will guide traffic on a detour to either Prytania Street or South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans city officials said. Continue reading »

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Jul 062017

Construction cones mark the beginning of drainage work on Henry Clay Avenue. (photo via the city of New Orleans)

A $1 million project to improve drainage on Henry Clay Avenue near St. Charles Avenue has begun and will last through the summer, according to the city of New Orleans Department of Public Works. Continue reading »

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Jun 062017

The South Galvez Street detour at Martin Luther King Boulevard. (photo via City of New Orleans)

The stretch of South Galvez Street that connects Toledano Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in the Hoffman Triangle neighborhood will be completely rebuilt and repaved in a $5.4 million project that will also reduce it from two vehicular lanes in either direction to one car lane and one bike lane on each side, New Orleans officials said. Continue reading »

May 092017

A map of roadwork scheduled in the Audubon areas starting in early 2018. Solid blue is a road surface repaving; red is replacing concrete sections; pink and purple are smaller spot repairs, and dotted lines are utility work. (via roadwork.nola.gov)

The city of New Orleans is in the process of launching a $2.4 billion project to repair the most heavily damaged streets in neighborhoods all over New Orleans over the next eight years, but Carrollton residents asked pointedly Monday night whether plans so far over the horizon have any chance of becoming a reality. Continue reading »

Apr 052017

Dwight Norton, mobility coordinator for the City of New Orleans, demonstrates a social bicycle at the Peoples Health Jazz Market on Wednesday night. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Six neighborhoods will be included in the launch of the bike-sharing program. (map via City of New Orleans)

When the city of New Orleans rolls out 70 high-tech bike-rental stations through six neighborhoods later this year, the Central City-Lower Garden District area is expected to receive about a dozen of them, participants in a planning workshop Wednesday night learned. Continue reading »

Apr 042017

No stop sign on St. Andrew at St. Charles Avenue (photo by Owen Courreges for UptownMessenger.com)

Owen Courrèges

Owen Courrèges

Although I am trying to seize the mantle of New Orleans’ resident anti-government curmudgeon, I generally try to avoid playing chicken little. However, it is becoming increasingly evident to me that local government is incapable of providing certain very basic services. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the city has simply run out of money.

Earlier this year, I wrote a column in which I pointed out that the city was doing an extremely poor job of replacing street signs. Now, months later, things have become much worse. Continue reading »

Feb 062017

Transdev shows off the red EZ10 self-driving shuttle at the Ernest Morial Convention Center. (image via our partners at WWL-TV)

Owen Courrèges

Owen Courrèges

New Orleans were given a glimpse of the future this past week, or at least one possible version of it. Alas, it appears that the future is a slow-moving red box.

The corporate operator of New Orleans public transit, Transdev, held an event with Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Monday to preview its self-driving vehicle, the EZ10 “Easy Rider” Autonomous Shuttle. The red, box-shaped EZ10, which is capable of holding 12 passengers, plodded along at roughly 8 miles per hour in front of the Morial Convention Center. Continue reading »

Feb 022017

The double-blue line represents the repaving planned for St. Charles Avenue between Louisiana Avenue and Calliope through the remainder of 2017. Repaving is planned above Louisiana Avenue in 2018. (via roadwork.nola.gov)

The section of St. Charles Avenue from the Garden District to the overpass is scheduled for a repaving project that will last until spring of 2018, and New Orleans officials are still working to determine the best configuration of the traffic lanes after the resurfacing is complete. Continue reading »

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Jan 232017
Owen Courrèges

Owen Courrèges

Last week, I chronicled the exploits of New Orleans’ newest weapon against the scourge of speeding – roving speed camera vehicles. You’ll recall that one of these vehicles was caught doing something rather naughty; namely, it was seen parked across the sidewalk on Lakeshore Drive.

I fully expected that the city would do what it normally does when it gets caught with its pants down: either ignore the incident entirely or (alternatively) issue a statement expressing regret and vowing corrective action to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

Instead, the city chose Option “C.” It dug in its heels and defended the indefensible. Continue reading »