Sep 032018

Due to inclement weather from Tropical Storm Gordon, the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) has announced that all public schools in Orleans Parish will be closed on Tuesday, Sep. 4.

Students and families are urged to adhere to city-wide recommendations concerning the storm. Announcements regarding additional days will be forthcoming. Continue reading »

Aug 292018

The International School of Louisiana’s Camp Street campus enrolled 689 students in the 2018-19 school year. (Robert Morris,

The International School of Louisiana has resumed classes for the 2018-19 school year with 1,410 students across its three campuses, school officials said Wednesday. Continue reading »

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Aug 292018

The Johnson campus of Lycee Francais. (Robert Morris,

As if the first day back at school wasn’t challenging enough, many Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans students spent so long returning home on the charter’s school’s new bus system that parents gave up waiting for them at the bus stop, only to find out that the school was unsure where exactly the buses were for hours as well.

“It’s been an all-hands-on-deck deal,” said board chair David Amoss. “The first day was an utter disaster, but it has gotten better since then. … What happened that week is completely unacceptable to anyone at the school or on this board.” Continue reading »

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Aug 282018

A sign on the athletics field at the Cohen High School campus marks the location of the new building. (Robert Morris,

The Walter S. Cohen High School Alumni Association — which fought after Hurricane Katrina to keep their alma mater from being merged with another school — is raising concerns about declining test scores under its charter operator and plans for a new high school building they believe is too small. Continue reading »

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Aug 212018

A happy hour fundraiser tonight at the Eiffel Society on St. Charles Avenue will benefit two New Orleans education nonprofits, one that recruits more black male teachers to provide positive role models in the classroom, and one that promotes success in science and technology. Continue reading »

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Aug 172018

The Sci High drum line keeps a steady beat during the Krewe of Sparta parade on St. Charles avenue on Saturday night in 2017. (Zach Brien,

The new logo for Sci High (via

The governing board of New Orleans Charter Science & Mathematics High School approved a $6.27 million budget Thursday that includes a minor deficit because of the last-minute addition of a new bus route, but officials say they expect to make up the shortfall quickly as the year begins. Continue reading »

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Aug 112018

The courtyard of the Benjamin Banneker school building, most recently used by KIPP Believe. (Robert Morris,

After years of seeking a permanent home for its upper-school, Audubon Charter School has learned its middle school students will move out of their cramped Milan Street building as soon as next summer into the Banneker building much closer to their flagship Broadway Street campus.

That decision effectively ends the long-running dispute between Audubon and Lusher over competing claims as to which school will receive the Allen building on Loyola Avenue. After Sci High moves out of Allen and into its new building in Mid-City, Lusher will receive the Allen building adjacent to their high school building, according to reports from the Orleans Parish School Board. Continue reading »

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Jul 302018

Lycee Francais has hired two new principals, Chana Benenson and Danielle Dufauchard, for its Johnson and Patton campuses. (via

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans will have new principals over each of its two campuses next year as part of a restructuring of the administration following the hiring of its new CEO, school officials said Monday. Continue reading »

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Jul 232018

New Orleans Charter Science & Math High School (Robert Morris,

Dr. Monique Cola (via New Orleans Charter Science & Mathermatics High School)

With two weeks left before New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School students return to class, the faculty is now 100 percent staffed for the coming year — including a new principal. Continue reading »

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Jul 172018

Kevin Word

Darren Lewis (via New Orleans College Prep on Facebook)

Along with a new CEO over the New Orleans College Prep charter network, both Walter L. Cohen high school and Crocker elementary will have new principals for the upcoming year, school leaders learned Monday night. Continue reading »

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May 312018

Lycee Francais academic director Marina Schoen speaks during a school event. She was chosen as the school’s new CEO on Thursday night. (photo via Lycee Francais on Facebook)

The governing board of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans has chosen to elevate the school’s current academic director, Marina Schoen, as the school’s next chief executive officer.

Continue reading »

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May 212018

New Orleans Charter Science & Math High School (Robert Morris,

Despite the introduction this year of rigorous new state tests, leaders of New Orleans Charter Science & Math High School hope the strength of their many unique diploma offerings will help them maintain their B performance rating from the state in the fall, they said Thursday. Continue reading »

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