Jul 202018

New Orleans Baby Cakes Burger grilled with caramelized bacon onion jam and cream cheese on a Mardi Gras glazed sugar brioche bun. (photo credit: Julie Couret)


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If there is one thing New Orleans likes more than controversy—and even baseball–it’s a social media war. This time it’s not the kale lady, the Disney gumbo video (an abomination), or even that New York travel writer (#besafe). But, yes, the yanks are at it again, literally.

The New York Yankees’ minor league baseball affiliate are attacking our team’s king cake baby on several fronts. The Scranton Baby Bombers, to put it delicately, are battling our New Orleans Baby Cakes. Not all of it is nice, not at all. Continue reading »

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Jul 182018

The jaguar habitat at Audubon Zoo. (via Audubon Nature Institute)

An image of the break in the barrier of the jaguar habitat discovered after the escape. (via Audubon Nature Institute)

The enclosure that a jaguar escaped from over the weekend to kill nine animals at Audubon Zoo was compliant with federal regulations, Audubon officials said.

Dr. Kyle Burks, managing director of the zoo, gave a detailed update Tuesday on the investigation into the jaguar’s escape. Officials also noted that the USDA had inspected the jaguar habitat and “found the exhibit compliant to regulations.”

To watch Burks’ news conference, see the video below:

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Jul 162018

(image via Audubon Nature Institute)

Another fox died Monday morning at Audubon Zoo following Saturday’s attacks by an escaped jaguar, bringing the total number of animals killed to nine — including the zoo’s last surviving alpaca, officials said. Continue reading »

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Jul 152018

After a jaguar escaped its exhibit early Saturday and killed six other animals, closing Audubon Zoo to visitors for the day, the zoo will reopen today (Sunday, July 15) but keep the jaguar area off-limits to the public, our partners at WWL-TV reported. Continue reading »

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Jul 032018

The d4 Tabletop Gaming Café, located at 8228 Oak Street, features board game competitions, board games to buy, play and rent. (Zach Brien, UptownMessenger.com)

The new d4 Tabletop Gaming Café offers a hub for New Orleans card and board game players to meet, eat, and play for hours long on Oak Street.

Owners Mark and Tracy Meyer opened the café in March this year. Mark Meyer is a city local with 20 years in the restaurant business, and Tracy Meyer has over 10 years in the business as a pastry cook. Meyer said he and his wife “dreamed up” the idea to combine their love for gaming with their cooking experience, since Meyer needed to create a job for himself after injuring his back. After a two year process, they opened d4 in March this year. Continue reading »

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Jun 272018

The new master plan for Audubon Park received its final, unanimous approval from the Audubon Commission on Tuesday night in spite of a show of opposition from the public — not for anything contained in the plan, but for its exclusion from discussion of the golf course or the park’s financial future. Continue reading »

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Jun 252018

Public comments were written on large maps of Audubon Park during a public meeting in March. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

After a public-input process that has taken up most of the first half of 2018, the Audubon Commission will meet Wednesday to take a vote on its new master plan, officials said. Continue reading »

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May 172018

The draft of the new master plan for Audubon Park underscores the need to keep the current balance between programmed activity and open space, while adding specific recommendations or paths forward on issues of pedestrian safety, traffic flow, lighting, tree maintenance and even tennis.

Advocates for more open space in the park, however, remain concerned about the lack of any planning around the future of one of the largest programmed areas, the golf course.

A diagram of land uses in Audubon Park.(Source: May 4 draft of the master plan.)

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May 162018

(image via AudubonParkMasterPlan.org)

The Audubon Commission will hold its fourth public meeting tonight about the creation of a new master plan for Audubon Park, presenting the draft of the plan and continuing to take comments on it. Continue reading »

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May 032018
Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

Who would want to be groped or sexually harassed as part of his or her job? Certainly not the eight women – including Gayle Benson – who have ownership interests in NFL teams. Those eight women owners should take a leadership role in working with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to bring an end to former Saintsation Bailey Davis’ discrimination claim.

Tomorrow (May 4) is the deadline that attorney Sara Blackwell – who represents Davis and former Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware – set for Goodell to respond to their request for a meeting. The women have suggested a $1 settlement offer in exchange for meaningful dialogue with Goodell. Continue reading »

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Apr 192018

(submitted photo)

Girls on the Run, a confidence-building program serving nearly 300 school-age girls across the New Orleans area, will celebrate the culmination of this year’s 10-week training program with a 5K race open to the public on Saturday morning in Audubon Park. Continue reading »

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Apr 132018

(rendering via City of New Orleans)

A month after holding initial conversations with neighbors about its plans, Drive Shack confirmed its plans Thursday to replace the former Times-Picayune building with a three-story indoor-outdoor “golf entertainment” facility.

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