Aug 272013
An officer detains a man near the scene of a fatal shooting Tuesday evening in the 400 block of Felicity Street. (Robert Morris,

An officer detains a man near the scene of a fatal shooting Tuesday evening in the 400 block of Felicity Street. (Robert Morris,

One man was killed and another was wounded in a shooting Tuesday evening on a short, busy stretch of Felicity Street next to the parking lots around the Walmart shopping center off Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans police said. Continue reading »

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Aug 262013

Owen Courreges

The official motto of the Landrieu Administration’s blight eradication efforts should probably be:  “We can’t do much, but we’ll do more of it!”

Case in point: A week ago, I read an Action Report from Bill Capo at WWL about a house in Central City that is nearly collapsing onto another.  An entire wall has become detached.  A couple of two-by-fours mounted between the homes is all that is preventing it from completely falling over. Continue reading »

Aug 162013
From top left, Jamal "Mall" Harris, (photos via NOPD)

Top row, from left: Jamal Harris, Tyrone Davenport, Dale Elmore, Darryl Bannister. Bottom row: Cornie Jones, Seyuntray Noel, Jerome Tolliver, Tyrone Brooks. (photos via NOPD)

The investigation into a west-Carrollton street gang known as the “Taliban” concluded Thursday with the indictments of eight alleged members, a case that should bring a measure of peace to what was once the most violent edge of Uptown, New Orleans police said. Continue reading »

Aug 152013

More than half of the streetlights along St. Charles Avenue are broken, burned out or missing, members of the residents’ association discovered after a recent count, according to a report by Bill Capo and our partners at WWL-TV. City officials say they are installing temporary lights, and that the streetlights will get new wiring at the end of the streetcar track construction project, Capo reports.

Aug 122013

Owen Courreges

Sometimes so much can turn on so little.  It was June 26, 2013, around 2 a.m.  Marshall Coulter, a 14-year-old boy with a history of criminal behavior, jumped the locked driveway gate of a home in Mid-City.  It was the home of a family: Merritt Landry, his pregnant wife and his young child.

Within the home, a dog barked.  Landry was awakened and went to see if there was an intruder.  He took a pistol with him.  Once outside, he reported seeing Coulter and asking him to freeze.  Coulter turned around to face him and appeared to be reaching for something on his hip.  Landry fired once, hitting Coulter in the head.  Coulter survived, but remains in critical condition. Continue reading »

Aug 082013

The home in the 3000 block of Danneel where a 42-year-old man was fatally shot in what police believe may have been a robbery gone bad. (Robert Morris,

Jonathan Joseph (via NOPD)

Jamar Armstrong (via NOPD)

A man gunned down at a Danneel Street home was likely the victim of a robbery attempt gone wrong, investigators say, and they have now arrested two men on murder charges in the case. Continue reading »

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Aug 082013

Members of the City Council and the New Orleans Police Department present the family of Officer Rodney Thomas (wearing blue shirts) with a resolution honoring his sacrifice for the city. (Robert Morris,

With a resolution in his honor and words of encouragement for his family, the New Orleans City Council pledged Thursday morning to ensure the sacrifice of Officer Rodney Thomas has a permanent place in the city’s memory. Continue reading »