Nov 062017

The property at the corner of Carondelet and St. Mary streets. (image via Google)

A map of the properties’ location at the corner of St. Mary and Carondelet from the City Planning Commission report. (via City of New Orleans)

A request to change the zoning of a property on Carondelet Street from residential to mixed-use split the City Planning Commission. Continue reading »

Nov 022017

Seth Bloom, left, and Jay H. Banks will head to a runoff for the open District B seat on the City Council. ( file photos)

The four candidates who fell short of making the runoff for the open District B seat on the New Orleans City Council all announced their endorsements of the remaining candidates this week, with Catherine Love, Andre Strumer and Eugene Ben choosing Seth Bloom, and Timothy David Ray siding with Jay H. Banks. Continue reading »

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Nov 022017

The exterior of the St. Vincent’s Guest House on Magazine Street. (via Google Maps)

Despite its popularity with neighborhood activists and preservationists, the proposed renovation of St. Vincent’s Guest House in the Lower Garden District and addition of a new reception facility has been postponed until mid-November amid nearby neighbors’ concerns about the new project’s operations. Continue reading »

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Oct 312017

A rendering of the Chipotle proposed for 2801 Magazine Street. (via city of New Orleans)

Despite concerns from Garden District and Irish Channel neighborhood activists about a proliferation of national fast-food restaurants on Magazine Street, Chipotle has won tentative approval from city planners for its first location in New Orleans as it heads to City Council for a final decision. Continue reading »

Oct 272017

The former Zara’s property at 2042 Prytania Street, following extensive renovations. (photographed in April 2017 by Google Maps)

The New Orleans City Council voted Thursday to begin the process of tightening the laws allowing short-term rentals in commercial property as a result of the long-running dispute over the fate of the former Zara’s grocery on Prytania Street — centered not on the business itself, but on the AirBnB apartments above it.

“I am offering this motion in response to what has been an outpouring of concern about the ease of acquiring a commercial short-term rental license,” said City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell on Thursday. “I believe [the City Planning Commission] should look into this matter, and this is the first step toward that.” Continue reading »

Oct 252017

LaToya Cantrell (left) and Desiree Charbonnet (right) speak Tuesday afternoon at Tulane University. (Robert Morris,

With less than a month before the New Orleans mayoral race is decided in a runoff election, candidates LaToya Cantrell and Desiree Charbonnet debated the issues facing the city in two different Uptown settings on Tuesday — first before hundreds of college students at Tulane University, and later with the Alliance for Good Government.

Continue reading »

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Oct 202017

(map via City of New Orleans)

Traffic on St. Charles Avenue will be reduced to a single lane between Felicity and Calliope streets for the remainder of the year as contractors begin the final phase of a $4.3 million repaving project, New Orleans city officials announced. Continue reading »

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Oct 192017

Attorney Royce Duplessis and Downtown Development District director Kurt Weigle pose for a photo during the National Night Out Against Crime. (photo by Danae Columbus for

Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

While Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler is expected to formally certify the election of State Rep. Helena Moreno to the New Orleans City Council later today, potential candidates including attorney and City Planning Commission member Royce Duplessis are already lining up for the District 93 race. Continue reading »

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Oct 182017

Residents of both the Uptown-based Second and Sixth NOPD Districts are invited to learn about the department’s progress on federally-mandated reforms on Thursday night in a community meeting at the Sixth District station in Central City. Continue reading »

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Oct 152017

Dark blue precincts are those Seth Bloom won outright, and light blue are those where no one earned more than 50 percent but Bloom led. Dark green are those where Jay H. Banks won outright, and light green show where he led. Red precincts were led by Timothy David Ray, and the pink precinct in Mid-City was an exact tie between Bloom and Banks. (graphic by based on data from Louisiana Secretary of State)

A strong base of support in the neighborhoods between the St. Charles Avenue corridor and the Mississippi River propelled Seth Bloom to his first-place finish Saturday night in the six-way race for the District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, but Jay H. Banks’ dominance in the Central City area secured his place in the runoff, according to an analysis of precinct-level voting data.

Meanwhile, support was split more evenly in Mid-City and the edges of the district around Broadmoor and Gert Town — where third-place finisher Timothy David Ray was even able to lead in some precincts, the data shows. Continue reading »

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Oct 142017

Attorney Joe Giarrusso delivers his acceptance speech at Cafe Minh on Saturday, October 14. Giarrusso won the race for New Orleans’ city council district A, receiving 65.66 percent of the votes. (Zach Brien,

From Mid-City Messenger

Joe Giarrusso, III has clenched the New Orleans City Council District A seat with 65 percent of the vote.

Giarrusso garnered more than 11,000 votes for the seat, beating out five opponents and avoiding a runoff election next month. Aylin Acikalin Maklansky won twenty percent of the vote, with Toyia Washington-Kendrick in third place.

“With a victory like this tonight, it’s not because one person, it’s because of everyone,” Giarrusso said. “If something happens of this magnitude it’s because of the message that you have and the people that you surround yourself with.” Continue reading »

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Oct 142017

Seth Bloom, left, and Jay H. Banks will head to a runoff for the open District B seat on the City Council. (Bloom photo by Erin Krall, Banks by Robert Morris,

Article and photos by Robert Morris and Erin Krall

Seth Bloom and Jay H. Banks placed first and second, respectively, out of the field of six candidates for the open District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, sending them to a runoff next month, according to the results of voting in Saturday’s election.

(Source: Louisiana Secretary of State)

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Oct 122017
Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

New Orleans voters who still have not made a final choice on who they want to support in Saturday’s elections should look no farther than their stomachs. When making any important decision, it’s always best to thoroughly research the pros and cons, seek advice from family and friends, and then sleep on it. Continue reading »

Oct 112017

A rendering by Garrity & Accardo architects of the proposed community center at New Hope Baptist Church. (via city of New Orleans)

The New Hope Baptist Church won initial approval and effusive praise from city planners on Tuesday for their proposal to build a new 18,000-square-foot community center along Felicity Street in Central City. Continue reading »