Oct 152017

Dark blue precincts are those Seth Bloom won outright, and light blue are those where no one earned more than 50 percent but Bloom led. Dark green are those where Jay H. Banks won outright, and light green show where he led. Red precincts were led by Timothy David Ray, and the pink precinct in Mid-City was an exact tie between Bloom and Banks. (graphic by UptownMessenger.com based on data from Louisiana Secretary of State)

A strong base of support in the neighborhoods between the St. Charles Avenue corridor and the Mississippi River propelled Seth Bloom to his first-place finish Saturday night in the six-way race for the District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, but Jay H. Banks’ dominance in the Central City area secured his place in the runoff, according to an analysis of precinct-level voting data.

Meanwhile, support was split more evenly in Mid-City and the edges of the district around Broadmoor and Gert Town — where third-place finisher Timothy David Ray was even able to lead in some precincts, the data shows. Continue reading »

Oct 142017

Attorney Joe Giarrusso delivers his acceptance speech at Cafe Minh on Saturday, October 14. Giarrusso won the race for New Orleans’ city council district A, receiving 65.66 percent of the votes. (Zach Brien, MidCityMessenger.com)

From Mid-City Messenger

Joe Giarrusso, III has clenched the New Orleans City Council District A seat with 65 percent of the vote.

Giarrusso garnered more than 11,000 votes for the seat, beating out five opponents and avoiding a runoff election next month. Aylin Acikalin Maklansky won twenty percent of the vote, with Toyia Washington-Kendrick in third place.

“With a victory like this tonight, it’s not because one person, it’s because of everyone,” Giarrusso said. “If something happens of this magnitude it’s because of the message that you have and the people that you surround yourself with.” Continue reading »

Oct 142017

Seth Bloom, left, and Jay H. Banks will head to a runoff for the open District B seat on the City Council. (Bloom photo by Erin Krall, Banks by Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Article and photos by Robert Morris and Erin Krall

Seth Bloom and Jay H. Banks placed first and second, respectively, out of the field of six candidates for the open District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, sending them to a runoff next month, according to the results of voting in Saturday’s election.

(Source: Louisiana Secretary of State)

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Oct 122017
Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

New Orleans voters who still have not made a final choice on who they want to support in Saturday’s elections should look no farther than their stomachs. When making any important decision, it’s always best to thoroughly research the pros and cons, seek advice from family and friends, and then sleep on it. Continue reading »

Oct 112017

A rendering by Garrity & Accardo architects of the proposed community center at New Hope Baptist Church. (via city of New Orleans)

The New Hope Baptist Church won initial approval and effusive praise from city planners on Tuesday for their proposal to build a new 18,000-square-foot community center along Felicity Street in Central City. Continue reading »

Oct 092017

A rendering of the Chipotle proposed for 2801 Magazine Street. (via city of New Orleans)

The Chipotle restaurant planned for the Garden District that has stirred questions about the proliferation of chain restaurants on Magazine Street is scheduled to be discussed by the City Planning Commission on Tuesday. Continue reading »

Oct 072017

The position, wind field and predicted path of Hurricane Nate as of 10 a.m. Saturday. (map via National Hurricane Center)

Hurricane Nate’s winds were 90 mph Saturday morning and the fast-moving storm was expected to strengthen further to a Category 2 storm before making landfall overnight on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the city of New Orleans said it would be enforcing a mandatory curfew starting at 7 p.m. Continue reading »

Oct 062017

Attorney Mike Whitaker (left) speaks to mayoral candidate Troy Henry in the Leche family kitchen about damage to the home during the drainage canal construction outside on Jefferson Avenue. A crack is visible in the wall behind Whitaker. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

A group of mayoral and City Council candidates promised Friday morning to try to find out if the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans still has the $115 million reserve fund intended to pay damages from its major Uptown drainage-canal construction projects, as well as to try to push the entity toward mediation of their claims rather than continuing in a costly legal fight against them. Continue reading »

Oct 052017
Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

Several dozen New Orleans women active in politics came to the home of Julie Schwam Harris last night to network with Northshore legislative candidate Lisa Condrey Ward, who pledged to be a consensus builder with a new independent voice and perspective that — if elected — could be benefit their entire region.

A lawyer, wife, mother, and real estate developer best known for restoring the historic Southern Hotel in downtown Covington, Ward said she had never before thought about running for office but knew now was her time. Ward joins a new wave of women candidates including State Treasurer hopeful Angele Davis, three women seeking to become New Orleans first female mayor and nine women running for various positions on the New Orleans City Council, who want to create a government that is more representative of the voters it serves. Continue reading »

Oct 042017

Candidates for the District A seat on the New Orleans City Council — Joe Giarrusso III, Dan Ring, Tilman Hardy, Toyia Washington-Kendrick, Drew Ward and Aylin Maklansky — debate during a town hall hosted by Carrollton neighborhood groups on Sept. 14. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

After last month’s debate before a coalition of Carrollton neighborhood groups, the six candidates for the open District A seat on the New Orleans City Council have sent written responses to more of their questions. Continue reading »

Oct 042017

Six candidates for the New Orleans City Council — District D incumbent councilman Jared Brossett, his challenger Joel Jackson, at-large candidates Joe Bouie, Kenneth Cutno and David Nowak, and At-Large Councilman Jason Williams — participate Tuesday night in a forum with the Fairgrounds Triangle Neighborhood Association. (image from video by GentillyMessenger.com)

Six candidates for the New Orleans City Council — including two sitting councilmen — promised on Tuesday night to resume the effort to begin taxing property owned by nonprofits but used for commercial purposes or left blighted, and at least one Council hopeful suggested increasing the amount exempted for owner-occupied homes. Continue reading »

Sep 292017

Six candidates for the open District B seat on the New Orleans City Council — Jay H. Banks, Eugene Ben, Seth Bloom, Catherine Love, Timothy David Ray and Andre Strumer — meet at a forum hosted by the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

As short-term rentals become an ever more prominent part of the elections for the next mayor and City Council of New Orleans, the candidates for the open District B seat mostly agreed Thursday night that abuses of the system remains out of control in the city and sharpened their calls for reforms. Continue reading »

Sep 282017

On the heels of reports that short-term rental advocates plan to seek looser regulations on AirBnB hosting and similar services, affordable-housing advocates convened a meeting Wednesday night to announce their own policy goals restricting the same services — setting up a major election-year fight for the next mayor and City Council. Continue reading »

Sep 282017
Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

Ever since I kicked my first political envelope at age 12, I have been passionate about politics. I look forward to every campaign season. I speculate who will qualify, pour over campaign literature, attend forums, devour polls, analyze campaign finance reports, and eagerly await election returns.

Somehow this campaign season is different. Although early voting begins Saturday September 30 and continues through October 7, a high number of voters – more than 30 percent by several accounts- have still not decided who they would support. Early voters- including many chronic voters- now make up twenty percent of total voters. Candidates who fare well in early voting are more likely to win. Continue reading »

Sep 272017

With just weeks left before New Orleans voters decide on a brand new City Council District B representative, several Mid-City neighborhood groups are offering up the chance to hear each candidate’s stance on a plethora of issues.

The candidate forum kicks off Thursday at 6 p.m. and will address issues such as homelessness, budget priorities, blight and several public safety topics. Additional questions will be emailed to each candidate after the forum so they have a chance to respond to other issues not covered during the forum. Continue reading »

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