May 152018

YAYA, the non-profit arts community for local children and youth, will host their spring fundraiser Brass ‘N Glass this Friday, May 18. The free event will feature a glass demonstration by Juli Juneau, live music by CoolNasty, and an arts market with work by YAYA artists. Continue reading »

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May 102018

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This week is devoted to a certain segment of our audience base that we love dearly. This week is for the ladies. We’ve got two new movies this weekend about women who refuse to lay down and accept the status quo. Whether it’s a mom trying to save her family or a judge trying to save the Constitution, you will find some great inspiration in our picks this week.

RBG is about the Supreme Court justice who is notorious for all the right reasons. We may all be aware of the power she wields with great responsibility on the court, but this movie tells us how she got there with great respect and honesty. Continue reading »

May 072018

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Rick Bragg returned to Octavia Books on May 3 to present and sign his new book of classic southern recipes and lighthearted family stories, “The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma’s Table.” (Photo by Lauren LeCompte / Loyola Student News Service)

By Lauren LeCompte
Loyola Student News Service

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Rick Bragg returned to Octavia Books on May 3 to present and sign his new book, “The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma’s Table.” (Photo by Lauren LeCompte / Loyola Student News Service)

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author returned to a New Orleans bookstore to present and sign his new book of classic Southern recipes and lighthearted family stories.

“What I wanted to pull off was the narrative of our food,” Alabama native Rick Bragg said.

Dozens gathered as Bragg presented and read from his book “The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma’s Table” at Octavia Books on Thursday, May 3. Continue reading »

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May 042018

As a Bicentennial Birthday Gift to their residents, Poydras Home held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, May 3 for a scenic park with a Koi pond, patio, gardens, walkway, and gazebo. This addition will soon be the setting for interactive therapeutic activities and nature-based programs for residents as well as an oasis of tranquility for families visiting their loved-ones at Poydras Home.

(l-r) Poydras Home resident Maurice Picheloup and daughter Claire Gisclair, resident Laurie Hienz, Board of Trustees President Wendy Beron, Interim CEO Erin Kolb, resident spouse Dr. Michael Carey and Hancock Whitney Senior VP Liz Hefler (via Poydras Home)

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May 022018

Where to begin with this contrived foolishness?

I’ll start with the rent-a-voodoo princess who wears the bejeweled and feathered turban of a Hindu Maharaja. If that isn’t enough, she also travels with a Home Decor store crystal ball, Italian Tarot cards and sprinkles Arabian frankincense and myrrh from a miniature broom–the type my grandfather kept under the seat of his car.

Princess Catherina, available for readings, housewarmings, and bat mitzvahs (screenshot from Southern Charm New Orleans,

Bravo states that the Southern Charm New Orleans television series will follow an “elite circle of friends…born into prominent families,” presumably from New Orleans. “Presumably” being key. Continue reading »

May 012018

If every community member bought just one cup of coffee at Stella’s each month, that $1.50 per person would be enough to sustain the Community Commitment Education Center.

The CCEC is founded on the premise of one neighbor helping another. Our primary goal is to connect the people of our community with the available resources: Community Advocacy, Communication/Literacy Skills, Social Skills Training, Emergency Financial Assistance.

We’ll be keeping busy with a health fair this month and summer camp starting in June, so here are some ways people like you can get involved and support: Continue reading »

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Apr 262018

The limited engagement of ECLIPSED—award-winning play by Danai Gurira (Black Panther)—continues its run at Loyola University through Sunday, May 6. The black female-led production about five women during the Second Liberian Civil War is part of Southern Rep Theatre’s 2017-18 season in residence at Loyola’s Department of Theatre Arts and Dance.

Idella Johnson (L) & LaSharron Purvis performing ECLIPSE. (photo by John B. Barrios)

ECLIPSED is described as “a delicately drawn portrait of the captive wives of a rebel officer in Liberia in 2003. Each one works to find her own way to survive and her place within their tenuous community as the war draws to a close and an uncertain future awaits them. Gurira’s play celebrates their strength, resourcefulness, and humor within an unflinching examination of the human toll of the conflict.” Continue reading »

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Apr 242018

Cecile Tanguis of NOLA Couture

Cecile Tanguis, owner of NOLA Couture, started her company with 10 brightly patterned ties and a desire to celebrate New Orleans’ icons. From ties, to dog collars, to prints, to a new women’s ready-to-wear line, Cecile and her team’s vibrant patterns are as recognizable as the icons on her pieces. We sat down with her to discuss the story behind the brand and how she continues to grow NOLA Coutures’ diverse offerings.

Name: Cecile Tanguis
Store: NOLA Couture
Since: Founded 2006, 528 St Peter St. opened in 2012, 3308 Magazine St. opened October 2017

What ignited the spark in you to start your business?
I grew up in New Orleans but lived in San Francisco for a while working in design and merchandising at Gap’s corporate headquarters. After Katrina, I decided to come home and help out. Those few months turned into much longer, and I ended up quitting my job out west and moving home. At that point I was trying to figure out how to do something good for the city—I went to local grocery stores and bought from local shops trying to help our businesses come back. Continue reading »

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Apr 122018

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This April has felt like Summer, Spring, and Fall are all duking it out for weather supremacy. One of the great joys of going to the movies however has always been the joy of 72 degrees no matter what month it is. This week, we have a new independent film to entertain you as well as the continuation of our hugely popular $2 Tuesday series. Read on for more details.

FOXTROT comes to us from Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz, whose previous film Lebanon was one of the most acclaimed films of 2009. This new film takes us into a world of grief and war with spellbinding visuals and a strength of vision that you won’t find in many filmmakers. Continue reading »

Apr 122018

Level Artist Collective (photo courtesy of YAYA)

The five members of New Orleans-based Level Artist Collective will collaborate with YAYA Arts Center’s glass team on Friday the 13th to create pieces inspired by superstitions.

Join YAYA this Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. as they explore the limits of the imagination with “Until Something Breaks,” an experimental glass collaboration with the collective. The free event takes place at YAYA Arts Center, 3322 LaSalle St., and is suitable for all ages. Guests must be 21+ to drink. Continue reading »

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Mar 292018

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April is on the way, and with it comes our personal busy season of special events. We have concert films, sing-a-longs, $2 Tuesdays, and even a Film Festival all lined up next month. It is a veritable smorgasbord of cinema-related events. We kick things off this week with two special events and a brand new film added to our lineup.

TYLER PERRY’S ACRIMONY is led by Taraji P. Henson, who just might be one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars. You all saw her incredible performance as Katherine Johnson in HIDDEN FIGURES, and she has fed off that success to lead a number of films in 2018 including this latest film from Tyler Perry. If you’re looking for a nice thriller to spice up your weekend, we think this is the one. Continue reading »

Mar 212018

The Louisiana Museum Foundation presents the Jump, Jive an’ Jazzin’ Gala
featuring Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on Saturday, March 24th at
the New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint, 400 Esplanade.

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s arrival onto the music scene.
Since their formation in the early nineties in Ventura, Ca., the band has produced a sizable catalog of recorded music, with sales of over 2 million albums to date. The band was at the forefront of the swing revival of that time, blending a vibrant fusion of the classic American sounds of jazz, swing, and Dixieland, with the energy and spirit of contemporary culture.

Continue reading »

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Mar 202018

Liz Maute Cooke of Lionheart Prints

In big bold letters on the window of Lionheart Prints’ Magazine shop it says, “Kind, Brave, and Fun.” Those positive vibes echo throughout the shop filled with laugh-out-loud cards and the perfect nick-nack you never knew you needed. We sat down with Liz Maute Cooke to learn more about her bold designs and her evener bolder business moves.

Name: Liz Maute Cooke
Store: Lionheart Prints
Since: January 2013

What ignited the spark in you to start your business?
It started with a series of career disappointments. When I graduated college in 2008, I realized the dream they sold you in high school to work hard, get through school, and then you’ll have a job waiting at the end of the tunnel wasn’t true. I majored in advertising, which is the first thing to get cut in hard times, and I couldn’t find a position in my field. I worked a lot of random part time jobs at a restaurant, a montessori school, a chocolate shop, and a stationery store. I learned so many different skills that I would have never have pursued if I had gotten that dream job out of college. But I was depressed, I didn’t have any friends, I was in a new city [Houston], I felt helpless—it was truly a low point in my life. Continue reading »

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Mar 192018

Dear New Orleans Voters,

I am seeking to continue serving our great city as a Judge of Civil District Court. I offer my experience, knowledge, efficiency and integrity to demonstrate to you that I have the work ethic and experience to run Division “A” effectively. I am committed to fairness, service and justice for our community.

I was born in New Orleans and am a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and Tulane University School of Law. I attended both universities on academic scholarships and also worked to support myself.

My legal experience is broad and diverse. I started my law practice by passing the California State Bar and practicing insurance defense litigation. Because my heart was still at home in New Orleans, I returned, passed the Louisiana State Bar and began practicing as a plaintiff’s attorney. Continue reading »

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Mar 132018

via StayLocal

StayLocal, Greater New Orleans’ independent business alliance, presents “Your Marketing Game Plan,” a workshop series where local experts will offer their marketing insights. The sessions take place on Wednesdays, March 14, 21, and 28 from 8 to 10 a.m. at Ashe Power House Theatre (1731 Baronne St.).

This three-part series is for local businesses across all industries. Attendees will hone their marketing approach, learn proven strategies to make an impact on customers, and gain resources to turn business goals into reality. Continue reading »

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