Robert Morris

Nov 272017

Seth Bloom speaks to supporters on election night, Nov. 18. (Zach Brien,

After a recount concluded Monday morning narrowing the margin of his loss to 128 votes, Seth Bloom has conceded the District B election to Jay H. Banks, he announced Monday afternoon. Continue reading »

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Nov 272017

Darren Mire (left) and Thomas Robichaux confer with elections director Sherri Hadskey over a ballot during the District B recount on Monday. (Robert Morris,

The recount of absentee ballots in the District B City Council race added a net of three votes to Seth Bloom’s total, but he still trails Jay H. Banks by 128 votes, according to tallies released by election officials.

Bloom campaign manager Gary Solomon Jr. said that over the last week, they have identified more than 128 irregularities and discrepancies in the individual vote totals, but will not likely continue to challenge the outcome of the election. After conferring with Bloom, the campaign will issue a report on its findings later this afternoon, as well as a determination on what next steps to take.

“We want to continue the challenge the process, but not necessarily the race. Seth wants to make sure we hold the process accountable,” Bloom campaign manager Gary Solomon Jr. said. “Seth will likely concede today.” Continue reading »

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Nov 242017
Author Michael Tisserand reads from his new book "Krazy" at Octavia Books on Tuesday, Dec. 6. (Robert Morris,

Author Michael Tisserand reads from his new book “Krazy” at Octavia Books on Tuesday, Dec. 6. (Robert Morris,

If the idea of stampeding hordes crushing their way into big-box stores isn’t your style (and face it, you choose to live in New Orleans, so it’s probably not), the local retailers around the city invite you to come spend Saturday afternoon with them, supporting the local economy instead of sending money out of the state or country — and they’ve got their own perks to offer if you decide to join them.

Shoppers peruse gift ideas at the Aidan Gill For Men “Barbershop Museum” on Magazine Street. ( file photo)

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Nov 242017

Walter Isaacson points to the intricate details that can be found in the musculature of Mona Lisa’s smile. (Robert Morris,

The Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci is remembered variously for his mechanical marvels, engineering feats like the designs for flying machines, anatomical research and sketches, the narrative tableau of ‘The Last Supper,’ and, of course, the bewitching beauty in the painting that has come to symbolize art itself, ‘Mona Lisa.’

The enduring mystery of her elusive smile, however, is not only the pinnacle of da Vinci’s artistic achievement, but also the summation of all his other interest in engineering, physics, anatomy and drama, writer Walter Isaacson explained in a lecture this week supporting his new biography. If you’ve ever wondered why ‘Mona Lisa’ holds such an exalted place in the world’s artistic canon, treat yourself three minutes to listen to Isaacson’s explanation of exactly how da Vinci combined all his curiosity and passions into the expression on her face.

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Nov 232017

Newly elected Judge Nicole Sheppard and supporters. (submitted photo)

Danae Columbus

Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

Newly elected judge Nicole Sheppard, Civil District Court Division J, has the common touch. In a relatively low budget campaign with few paid consultants, Sheppard coasted to a very comfortable victory over attorney Omar Mason by conducting an old-fashioned grassroots campaign in the churches and the streets.

“We definitely worked hard. The voters believed in me, my sincerity and my independence. They could feel my passion to serve the people,” Sheppard reflected yesterday. The CDC vacancy occurred due to the election of Judge Paula Brown to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal. Continue reading »

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Nov 232017

“Coliseum Square – Dusk” by Camille Harrington on Flickr

Anyone who has passed Coliseum Square has seen its spectacular fountain, but very few realize that the existence and operation of the fountain is almost entirely dependent — not on some city department — but on the consistent manual labor of a few dedicated volunteers from the neighborhood.

This week, at the monthly meeting of the Coliseum Square Association, parks committee chair Bettine Carroll took a few moments to acknowledge the men and women who keep the fountain running and the parks clean. Continue reading »

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Nov 232017

Alronello Mallery (via NOPD)

Devonte Holmes (via NOPD)

Three teens were arrested Wednesday night after an armed robbery on Calhoun Street, and an armed-robbery attempt was reported at a store on South Claiborne a few hours later, New Orleans police said. Continue reading »

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Nov 232017

Seth Bloom speaks during a candidates’ forum in Mid-City in October. (
file photo by Sabree Hill)

Seth Bloom has requested a recount of the absentee ballots in the runoff election for the open District B seat on the New Orleans City Council, his campaign said. Continue reading »

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Nov 212017

Bud’s Broiler on Calhoun Street is closing Sunday. (Robert Morris,

On Tuesday afternoon at Bud’s Broiler’s nearly 40-year-old location on Calhoun Street, Jason Qader, the 62-year-old man who has owned it for the last two decades, stood smiling in the dining room, chatting with his longtime regulars — and saying his goodbyes.

Sunday, sadly, will be the last day for the Uptown burger institution, as Qader moves into his retirement. The restaurant will be closed for two or three months, then reopen as an Uptown expansion of El Libre — expanding on the Carribean-themed menu options currently available at the downtown startup with flavors that should appeal to traditional Uptown restaurant-goers as well. Continue reading »

Nov 212017

Gary Solomon Jr. (center), campaign manager for Seth Bloom, and Joe Casler (left), an attorney for Jay Banks, photograph documents from a voting machine from the city’s 10th Ward as part of the inspection process Tuesday morning. (Robert Morris,

The process of making a final determination as to whether Jay H. Banks won the runoff for the District B seat on the New Orleans City Council took its first step Tuesday morning when officials inspected each voting machine from the district. Continue reading »

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Nov 202017

Firefighters battle a blaze at 4733 Camp Street on Sunday, Nov. 19. (submitted photo)

A single-story home on Camp Street was heavily damaged and left uninhabitable in a fire Sunday evening that partially damaged both the home and the apartment building on either side of it, New Orleans firefighters said. Continue reading »

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