Robert Morris

Dec 262012

Jean-Paul Villere

The calender says today is 12/26/12, so we must have all survived the Mayan apocalypse and yet another Christmas season, on to the New Year and resolutions quickly fudged.  I look forward to this day more than Christmas itself because it’s finally over!  The hype and lead up and obligatory this and that of each holiday season leaves me strung out and exhausted, like the last few rigs of the seemingly endless truck parade down Napoleon on Mardi Gras Day.  I live half a block from this silly nightmare of pastiched 18 wheelers in queue for likely miles, and it isn’t the size so much as the noise.  Truck horn after truck horn after truck horn, like a really slow marathon of all the Smokey & The Bandit “films” with a lagniappe viewing of Convoyto bring it on home.  Only this year the drainage work along the avenue is so massive my guess is in 2013 we will get a break from the madness.  And at the pace the work is going maybe 2014 too. Continue reading »

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Dec 222012

The masked gunman at GameStop at left, and at right, a “person of interest” in the case who entered the store just before the robbery. (via NOPD)

A masked man robbed a GameStop video game store in the Lower Garden District at gunpoint Thursday morning, and in a separate case a woman in Hollygrove was attacked inside her home by a man who then stole her purse, police said. Continue reading »

Dec 222012

State Superintendent John White has asked the Louisiana Public Charter School Association to fund consultant Jeremy Hunnewell, a CPA with EMH Strategy, to help identify gaps in the leadership at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orleans, design and lead the search for a new CEO, clarify the leadership roles at the school and possibly help implement the recommendations, according to a letter obtained by The Lens.

Dec 212012

An image of Buck Horton from an online commercial for his restaurant, Finger Lick’n Wings.

With the City Council campaign trail behind him, Marlon “Buck” Horton has returned his focus to his Finger Lick’n Wings restaurant on Jackson Avenue — and is hoping for better results for his latest request to sell beer and wine with his chicken. Continue reading »

Dec 202012

James Weldon Johnson Elementary School on Monroe Street.

The James Weldon Johnson school in west Carrollton will close in the summer of 2013 and become “swing space” for other schools undergoing renovations, as part of an effort to consolidate the number of campuses run directly by the Recovery School District, officials announced Thursday.

Current Johnson students will be guaranteed placement at Benjamin Banneker elementary school, which is currently located in the Riverbend but slated to move to a new building on the Dunbar site in Hollygrove in several years, officials said. Continue reading »

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Dec 202012

The upstart Krewe of Freret that had hoped to join the Mardi Gras parade schedule this spring issued a statement Thursday suspending those plans because of what it termed a “misunderstanding” by the New Orleans Police Department, but said it has already begun work to roll for the first time in 2014. Continue reading »

Dec 202012

The audit for 2011-2012 filed late by Lusher Charter School reveals that an unnamed, high-ranking employee in the business office used blank checks to embezzle $25,000 from the school, but she was fired and the money recovered after the theft was discovered, according to a report by Jessica Williams of The Lens. Though due at the end of September, the audit was dated Friday and was late because of “the amount of work it took to reconcile financial records,” the report states.

Dec 192012

Amid prayers and trumpet solos, LaToya Cantrell was sworn in Wednesday afternoon as the District B representative on the New Orleans City Council.

“My heart is in this,” Cantrell said after taking the oath. “This is not about a position. This is about improving the quality of life for people.” Continue reading »