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Oct 082013
A rendering and tenant list of the Magnolia Marketplace shopping complex planned for South Claiborne Avenue. (via City of New Orleans)

A rendering and tenant list of the Magnolia Marketplace shopping complex planned for South Claiborne Avenue. (via City of New Orleans)

Improvements to utilities around the new Magnolia Marketplace on South Claiborne will be paid for by an additional 1-percent sales tax on purchases there that should last around 15 years, based on legislation being forwarded to the New Orleans City Council for approval Thursday. Continue reading »

Sep 012013
Recent robberies on Spruce, Jeanette, State and General Pershing streets. (map via NOPD)

Recent robberies on Spruce, Jeanette, State and General Pershing streets. (map via NOPD)

As universities begin class again and campuses come to life, the Second District police commander is urging students to exercise caution in light recent robberies of two armed robberes on Wednesday on State and General Pershing Streets, and two carjackings this weekend on Spruce and Jeanette. Continue reading »

Jul 302013

A rendering of the Isidore Newman School’s proposed new preschool building. (courtesy Isidore Newman School)

Isidore Newman School hosted parents and community members Tuesday night as the school moves forward with plans to more than double its early childhood facility.

Head of School Dale Smith and architect Mac Ball presented the 950-student school’s plans to expand enrollment offerings to its youngest attendees.

“I think it’s safe to say he’s a preservationist at heart,” Smith said of Ball — one of the reasons he was selected for the job. Continue reading »

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Jul 122013

Trent Mackey Sr. hugs defense lawyers outside the courthouse

One year to the day that former Tulane linebacker Trent Mackey was involved in a drug deal turned armed robbery, the 23-year-old was found not guilty on the two armed robbery charges brought against him.

On trial for criminal conspiracy to armed robbery and armed robbery with a firearm, the 12-person jury unanimously ruled he was not guilty on both counts.

There was no question as to whether Mackey was at the scene of the armed robbery. He had planned to meet Megan Wales, a fellow Tulane student, at her apartment on 600 Broadway Street that day to buy marijuana from her.

The question was whether he helped orchestrate the event, which became much more than a simple drug deal when two men burst into the apartment and one pinned Wales on her apartment floor with a gun to her head. Continue reading »

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Jul 122013

A defense witness called in the trial of former Tulane football player Trent Mackey said he pointed the finger at Mackey after police told him Mackey had already thrown him under the bus.

Mackey, 23, has been charged with armed robbery with a firearm and criminal conspiracy to armed robbery. The charges stem from a July 12, 2012, robbery that the defense says was poorly investigated and pegged on Mackey, while prosecutors have argued that Mackey orchestrated. Continue reading »

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Jul 112013

Detectives interview Tulane linebacker Trent Mackey (seen behind the investigator on the right) at the scene of a July 12 home invasion on Broadway. ( file photo by Robert Morris)

One year ago, Megan Wales was still a 20-year-old Tulane student and a friend and co-worker of Tulane football standout Trent Mackey when a drug deal between them was interrupted by two intruders who burst into her apartment, pinned her to the kitchen floor with a gun to her head and dramatically altered the course of all their lives.

Police have since charged Mackey in the robbery as well, and prosecutors this week are describing him as a co-conspirator to the gunmen, an accomplice in touch with them minutes before who conveniently left Wales’ apartment door open allowing the men to rush in. Mackey’s defense lawyers, however, say the Tulane football star is the victim of an inadequate investigation focused solely on bagging a high-profile conviction, and that Wales was just as complicit in the events of the day and web of lies afterward as Mackey was. Continue reading »

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Apr 082013

Harry Shearer (from “The Big Uneasy”)

Known for his role as the legendary bassist in “This is Spinal Tap,” the voice of more than 20 characters on “The Simpsons,” and the flooding documentary “The Big Uneasy,” Harry Shearer will speak at Loyola today (Monday, April 8). Continue reading »

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Apr 042013

The Preservation Resource Center has organized a self-guided ‘Shotgun House and Art Tour’ of seven homes along either side of Magazine Street near Audubon Park onSaturday (April 6). Continue reading »

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Mar 292013

Cokie Roberts

New Orleans native Cokie Roberts, known nationally for her political journalism at NPR and ABC, will provide a historical overview of local politics — including the experiences of her parents, U.S. Reps. Hale and Lindy Boggs — in a public address at Loyola University next week. Continue reading »

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Mar 282013

The Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association Easter Egg hunt in 2012. ( file photo)

The Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association will hold its annual Easter egg hunt Saturday afternoon at Alma Peters Playground in the 5900 block of Annunciation Street (by Eleonore). Continue reading »

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