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“[Uptown Messenger] is continuing to be our single best referral source… And regarding [Mid-City Messenger] we are seeing solid activity with hits coming off of the ads… We know we are reaching businesses that otherwise we could not get to.” – Mark Tullis, Administrator, LCI Workers’ Comp

“We are happy with the ad space we’ve purchased [on Uptown Messenger & Mid-City Messenger]. Our ad budget is small, and Uptown Messenger is our only recurring ad space purchase… Uptown Messenger is widely read and even more widely forwarded. Staff is easy to work with and has quick turnaround on ad design. Tunnels into our exact demographic and is a great buy for your advertising dollar.” – Jay Forman, Owner, Gracious Bakery + Cafe

“Advertising on Uptown Messenger is important to our organization. We support the mission of UM to provide neighborhood-level coverage as an independent news source. They cover numerous important meetings and report on all issues (good + bad) that affect our community.” – Kellie Grengs, Volunteer Board Member, The New Freret

“Crescent City Auction Gallery has really enjoyed advertising with Uptown/Mid-City Messenger from their ability to lay out and design all of the ads, to the dedicated email marketing. We feel it reaches not only our existing customer base, but new clients interested in our events.” – Adam Lambert, President, Crescent City Auction Gallery

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