Mar 032019

Story & Photos by Camille Barnett

Due to the threat of rain and thunderstorms, Uptown’s Sunday morning parades began an hour early. Marching bands and most walking krewes did not parade for Okeanos, Mid-City, or Thoth. Fortunately, the rain held up and skies stayed clear on St. Charles and Napoleon for all three krewes.

The Krewe of Okeanos celebrates 70-year anniversary

Nancy Sickmann reaches towards the Krewe of Okeanos Royal Court.

Founded in 1949, the Krewe of Okeanos rode on a trip through the decades in remembrance of their first ride 70 years ago.

Riders wear furry ear hats on the “1969: Twice told Tales” float.

An LSU-themed float rides down St. Charles Ave. with the Krewe of Okeanos.

Riders in LSU colors toss beads to the crowd.

Riders dressed as Darth Vader on the “1990s: Magnificent Movies” float pose for a photo.

A woman on the 1940s float laughs and tosses beads.

Krewe of Mid-City gets creative with boxes

A train leads the float decorated in honor of City Park.

The Krewe of Mid City “Thinks Outside the Box” for this year’s theme. The parade consisted of creative, witty crafted floats.

On theme, a rider tosses throws from a Zapps potato chips box.

Taylor Young (left) and Brandi Corkern pose before the start of the Krewe of Mid-City parade.

This float follows the year’s “Think Outside the Box” theme with countless ways to use “box.”

Blair Reynolds enjoys the Krewe of Mid-City parade from a step stool.

Roxie Gonzales smiles in her butterfly wings as she awaits the next float.

The Krewe of Thoth rides with “The Greats”

A rider sings lyrics to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” along with the crowd.

The last morning parade Uptown, Krewe of Thoth started to roll under clear skies Sunday morning. Despite the weather reports, the parade crowd was still able to enjoy their 39 crafted floats, themed “The Greats.”

A giant pelican leads a float dedicated to New Orleans icons.

Henry Myers gets a boost to catch beads during the Krewe of Thoth parade.

Cajun fiddler and singer Amanda Shaw rides with the Krewe of Thoth.

The Great Wizard of Oz float rolls by.

A rider tosses stuffed animals to children on ladders.

(l-r) Visitors from Alabama, Nosi Hall, Ashley Jackson, Keyshawn Smith, and Betty Oneal (seated), enjoy the Thoth parade during their “girls trip.”

Dena Moore (right) and Dwayne Landry smile for a photo between floats.


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