Oct 292018

Dear New Orleans Voters,

My name is Austin Badon and I am running to be your next First City Clerk of Court. The reasons why are fairly simple: I love helping people, I am willing to work hard to improve our community, and I firmly believe your family and mine should have access to the justice system in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective and easy.

The Clerk of First City Court is an administrative position, and most of you know this office as the door to the “people’s court” or First City Court where four Judges you elect hear small business and personal claims.

When this office is run right, our city works better. When our basic disagreements as citizens are resolved quickly, there is no need for “street justice”. Quite simply, we’re all safer.

There are three goals I have in serving you in this office:

  1. Improve the office website and online capabilities The current website for First City Court is for lawyers. But in most cases, small claims issues are adjudicated without lawyers. That’s the purpose of the court. It’s a court of equity, not of law. There’s no discovery; hearsay is admissible, and judgements are final. Citizens have a right to this court, but they must first understand what it is and how to use it in order to exercise that right. It should be the purpose of the website to articulate the process, step by step, with fillable forms so that the average citizen can use it.
  2. Explore raising the thresholds of small claims amounts from $5000 to $10,000 and on the regular docket from $25,000 to $50,000.  This will put First City Court in line with the majority of states. I will be able to utilize my contacts at the State Capitol to get this before committees. This will help make the docket in Civil District Court function smoother and faster but more importantly, this will benefit the litigants because their cases will be heard in a faster manner, thus saving them time and money.
  3. Work with community partners, local policy makers, the faith-based community and other good government groups to do outreach to every aspect of our community on the services, availability and functions of the Court.  If more people were informed about the functions of First City Court and how they could receive justice, they may not get into physical disputes which lead to heinous crimes.

So many of you know me from my service as a State Legislator. Or perhaps I was your child’s Little League Coach. Or maybe you’ve seen me drop my son off to school in east New Orleans where I live with my family. Many times, the voters of Orleans Parish have given me the opportunity to serve. Thus, I have a strong history of promoting access to quality public service, to supporting small business development and to rebuilding our community with an eye always towards fairness and transparency.

I will make sure our citizens who access First City Court always find the office informative, accessible, well-managed and efficient.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th.

Visit our website at www.AustinBadon.com for more information about me and my campaign.

With Kind Regards,

Austin Badon



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