Jan 222018

A man was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night of his pickup truck by a group of seven assailants on Second Street, New Orleans police said.

The victim, a man in his 20s, had parked his truck in the 1700 block of Second Street and was walking toward Baronne Street shortly before 10 p.m. when seven males dressed in hooded sweatshirts surrounded him, according to the initial NOPD report. One pointed a small silver handgun at him, while “the other males stood with their hands in their pockets as if they were armed,” the report states.

The attacker with the gun demanded his keys, phone and his bag, which had a laptop computer inside, the report states. The victim told them he did not have a cell phone, but dropped his keys and his bag, the report states. The attackers then picked up his belongings and drove off in his truck, the report states.

The truck is a white 2012 Nissan Frontier with California license plate “59467A1,” the report states.

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