Dec 072017

(map via NOPD)

A 24-year-old man was pulled out of his vehicle Wednesday night by a man with a gun, according to police.

The victim told police he was sitting inside his vehicle in the 1000 block of South Rendon Street when a silver vehicle pulled up and an armed man got out of the car. The suspect pointed a gun at the victim around 11 p.m. as he pulled the victim out of his car and demanded his wallet.

The victim did not have a wallet, so the suspect grabbed the victim’s cell phone out of his hand and fled with victim’s vehicle, according to police.

  • Kayleigh

    The map above is showing North Rendon, not South

  • BrianK

    Can you confirm the address on this? Address says South Rendon but map shows North Rendon. Thanks.

    • UptownMessenger

      Got it, thanks for the catch. South Rendon is correct.