Nov 102017

Ms. Mae’s Casket Home on Pleasant Street. (photo by Thanin Viriyaki Photography,

A life-size dollhouse, a “casket home” and houses made from shipping containers are all included as Uptown stops in the “Weird Homes Tour” coming to New Orleans this weekend.

The self-driving tour takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11. Tickets are $25 for the tour (but free for children 13 and under) and $45 to attend the tour and VIP party afterward, with 10 percent of ticket sales going to HousingNOLA.

For more information, see or the full announcement below:

Come on out for a tour of 9 of the most original, funky, eccentric and even spooky homes of New Orleans. With successful tours in Austin and Houston, Weird Homes Tour is pleased to announce its debut in New Orleans.

Houses on the tour include a Shotgun Container Home, with two shipping containers converted into an ultra modern tiny home, and Ms. Mae’s Casket Home, with many pieces of furniture and decor made from upcycled funeral equipment, including the casket of prominent nightclub owner Ms. Mae as a couch. 

During the self-paced, self-driving tour, visitors will also see The Last Madam House, which was a well-known brothel for more than 25 years, as well as a life-sized miniature Doll House in a converted Irish Channel mansion, filled with treasures and oddities that make the place feel like both a 19th century mystery novel and a mad scientist’s liar. Also on the tour are a Three Story Shipping Container Home in the process of being built, a Voodoo House, and a Pop Art House, among others.

“We started the Weird Homes Tour because reality TV would have you believe that every house needs a farm sink and boring shiplap on the walls,” says Co-founder David J. Neff. “We want to fight that trend. People come to our tours to be inspired – to go home and paint a wall yellow, instead of Eggshell No. 09864.”

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