Sep 192017

Carrollton residents packed the cafeteria of St. Mary’s Dominican High School last week for a debate between the six candidates for District A on the New Orleans City Council, but if you didn’t make it, here’s your chance to watch full videos of each section of the forum.

Tilman Hardy speaks during a District A candidates’ forum Thursday, Sept. 14, at St. Mary’s Dominican High School. (Sabree Hill,

In Part 1 (above), the candidates discuss issues related to the criminal justice, including their views of the New Orleans Police Department consent decree and the size of the Orleans Parish jail.

* * *

In Part 2 (below), the candidates discuss the whether the City Council should tighten the laws it made last year governing AirBnB short-term rentals and how to help long-time residents with rising property taxes.

* * *

In Part 3, the candidates share their views on the Sewerage and Water Board, how to promote a “Living With Water” strategy, and how to protect green space in the city.

* * *

Finally, in Part 4, the candidates share their views on the Council’s role in crafting the city budget, property-tax exemptions for nonprofits and field an audience question about addressing income inequality.

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