Aug 282017

Rainfall predictions from Tropical Storm Harvey over the next five days, issued Monday morning. (via National Hurricane Center)

While New Orleans was spared the worst of Hurricane Harvey’s possible impacts over the weekend, the meandering tropical storm could still bring a significant amount of rain to the city over the coming week, New Orleans officials said.

“Heavy rainfall remains possible through next Sunday with chances of localized flooding occurring,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office said Sunday afternoon. “The current forecast indicates 4 to 10 inches of rain in New Orleans through next Sunday, with some local amounts higher due to potential rain bands. Higher winds should also be anticipated in these rain bands.”

The storm’s center is currently on a path to re-enter the Gulf, drifting slowly northeast and strengthening slightly before making a second landfall on Wednesday between Houston and Beaumont, Texas. The heaviest rain for New Orleans is currently expected Tuesday, Landrieu said.

“One of the challenges with this storm is that it is moving at 2 miles per hour, and that is just very uncomfortable,” Landrieu said. “The slower they move, the more damage they can do.”

No public schools are expected to close this week, Orleans Parish School Board officials said. Sandbags are available around the city, and more than 35,000 have already been distributed.

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  1. Have you yet raked and bagged the street debris that might flow into the nearest catch basin? We citizens cause flooding when we let leaves and trash fall through the grates.

    Does YOURS look this clean?

    (I cannot figure out why this photo pastes sideways!)

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