Apr 132017

Attorney Marie Williams, a recent candidate for judge, announced her endorsement of her former challenger Attorney Suzy Montero in the race for the open Civil District Court Division B seat to be decided on April 29. Ms. Montero ran first in the three-candidate primary held last month.

Ms. Williams has been a practicing attorney for more than two decades in the New Orleans area. She is a known and respected community activist and has served in appointed judicial positions in criminal court. Ms. Williams said she believes Suzy Montero has the experience necessary to serve on the Civil District Court bench.

“Real courtroom experience matters,” said Ms. Williams. “It is important that every man and woman who walks into Civil District Court feel they are getting an impartial, experienced Judge who can render a fair decision.”

Ms. Montero is thankful for and appreciates Attorney Williams’s support.

“I am very aware of Ms. Williams’s dedication to our community and her interest in providing accessible, accountable legal service,” said Ms. Montero. “I believe my 25 years of practicing law in this community and my service to this city’s young people and disadvantaged families emulate the efforts Ms. Williams has made to fight for the working men and women of our community.”

Early voting for the runoff begins Saturday, April 15 and ends Saturday, April 22.

“I hope voters will take advantage of early voting because election day is on a Jazz Fest weekend,” said Ms. Williams, referring to the April 29 election. “It is important we finish the job and elect Ms. Montero.”

Suzy received her law degree from LSU in 1991 and has decades of litigation experience, mostly in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, where she has often served as a lead attorney in trials. She is currently with the Law Office of Chip Forstall.

The New Orleans Bar Association polled Active members regarding their preferences for New Orleans judicial candidates in the March 25, 2017 election. Montero was the first choice selection of 59% of the responding attorneys.

Find Ms. Montero’s full bio here: http://www.suzymontero.com.

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