Mar 032017

(via The Willow)

Jimmy Anselmo, the outspoken founder of Jimmy’s Music Club, is hosting a “Rock Against Racism” fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center with a diverse lineup of New Orleans musicians Sunday at his venue, The Willow.

The show starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 5, and features Walter Wolfman Washington, Joe Krown, Alex McMurray, Chuck Perkins, Leslie Smith, Rockin Dopsie Jr., Bad Hombre Band, The Tom Worrell House Band ft. Joe Cabral, Dough Garrison. Tickets are $20, and at least 95 percent of ticket sales will be sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to organizers.

  4 Responses to “Jimmy’s Music Club founder hosts “Rock Against Racism” fundraiser for Southern Poverty Law Center”

  1. The SPLC is a hate group. Why don’t they put themselves on their list?

  2. Irony here. The SPLC is an extreme group that profits off of fomening hatred among different races & religious groups. Sad.

  3. SPLC tracks the activities of hate groups: white supremacists, KKK, Nazis, etc. The oppose bigotry, racism, etc,

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