Mar 312017

(image via Netflix)

The First Presbyterian Church on South Claiborne Avenue will host a free screening Sunday afternoon of “The 13th,” the acclaimed Netflix documentary about mass incarceration.

The screening will be from 4 to 7 p.m. at the church at 5401 South Claiborne Avenue.

“In collaboration with New Orleans Council for Community & Justice, First Presbyterian Church is hosting a movie screening of the documentary ‘13th’ followed by a discussion about related current political events, including the controversial policies of the current White House administration,” according to the event announcement.

“The film is based around the enforcement of the 13th Amendment, which formally abolished slavery, except as punishment for a crime. The documentary ‘13th’ explores the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration. It analyzes the criminalization of African Americans and the US prison boom. Netflix has rated the film TV-MA. There will be food available for a $5 donation.”

  6 Responses to “First Presbyterian Church hosts screening of Netflix mass-incarceration documentary “The 13th””

  1. They aren’t a church. It’s now a leftist political organization. No wonder their national numbers have plummeted drastically over the decades. Sad.

    • By today’s standards, any real Christian church would be leftist. You know, all that stuff about feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. Downright Socialist!

      • Forcing people from the barrel of a gun to “feed the hungry” by government taxation along w/ a gigantic bureaucracy is probably not what Jesus meant. How about give of your own heart & wallet when it’s voluntary? Sounds much more biblical & Christian to me. But nuance is complicated to understand I guess.

    • Yeah, how dare a Christian church actually try to fight injustice and relieve the poor, just as Jesus Christ said to do.
      Rolls eyes*
      Some of you right wing “christians” are so hypocritically unchristlike, it’s astounding.

      • Have you seen that race pimping propaganda piece? Hardly “fighting injustice.” I think Al Sharpton wrote it. He’s a “Reverend” you know. Ha.

    • You are right. Originally, many of these local Protestant churches were architectural masterpieces founded and supported by great religious people. Now they serve as parasitic tax-exempt wings of the Democratic Party, free to suck up tax money to distribute to their pet causes, menace the surrounding neighborhood with loud rap music and block parties, and so on. It’s no different than former churches and convents that have been converted into “community centers” here.

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