Feb 142017

The Uptown Swingers second line passes Samuel J. Green Charter School on Valence Street in 2013. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

Firstline Schools, the network of schools that includes Green Charter in the Freret neighborhood and four others in Treme and Gentilly, plans to return to the oversight of the Orleans Parish School Board, officials announced.

Firstline’s schools include Green, Arthur Ashe and Langston Hughes in Gentilly, and Phyllis Wheatley and Clark High School in Treme, and Green, Ashe, Hughes and Wheatley all meet the score required to return to local control, according to a resolution the Firstline board plans to vote upon. Over the next three years, all Recovery School District schools are planned to return to Orleans Parish School Board oversight, but a timeline for each school has not been announced — leaving the decision, for now, up to individual network boards.

The board of Firstline Schools will meet at 5 p.m. today (Tuesday, Feb. 14) at Phyllis Wheatley Community School to discuss the decision. For more information, see the meeting announcement posted at our sister site, Gentilly Messenger.

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