Sep 062016
The intersection of Freret and Jefferson -- photographed in May 2015, officials say. (Robert Morris,

The intersection of Freret and Jefferson — photographed in May 2015, officials say. (Robert Morris,

Motorists on Freret Street will be unable to cross Jefferson Avenue for the next five months or so, and will be detoured again around the intersection through the side streets, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans announced.

The intersection closure will primarily affect drivers on Freret Street, as the northbound lane of Jefferson will remain open, according to the S&WB announcement.

Drivers approaching the intersection from the university area will be detoured along Octavia Street and Nashville Avenue, while those coming from downtown or the Freret commercial corridor will take a right onto Jefferson Avenue.

The closure will start Thursday, Sept. 8, and last “approximately five months,” the S&WB said.

Meanwhile, in a separate action nearby, parking will be restricted on Jefferson Avenue between Constance Street and Dryades while the permanent roadway is rebuilt, the S&WB said. That work will begin Wednesday and last until Monday, Sept. 12, the agency said.

“All vehicles should be removed from the north and south bound parking lanes on Jefferson Avenue between Constance Street and Dryades Street,” the agency said. “The northbound traffic flow for Jefferson Avenue will be maintained during this portion of the project.”

Both the lane closure and the parking restrictions are part of the ongoing construction of the major new underground drainage canals through the SELA Urban Flood Control Project.

  4 Responses to “Freret Street crossing at Jefferson Avenue to close for another five months”

  1. So much for them finishing on time. It was supposed to be finished by the end of the year. But then Jefferson Ave between Constance St and Carondelet St was supposed to be finished in March and it’s still not finished. The big question at this point is will they finish Napoleon before Mardi Gras? It’s looking more doubtful each day.

  2. The question remains – what is the real reason delays occur? -Is it the usual – job wasn’t done right the first time?

  3. So sorry for those folks 😞 These road repairs/ works are beyond rediculous… Get it right folks.

  4. Absolutely mindboggling. Absolutely the worst planning and worst contractor imaginable.

    They are single handedly destroying commerce on Freret Street.

    But…..This is just another prime example of what happens when people in government do something…Do anything.
    For the simple fact of the matter is that most politicians have never held a normal 9-5 job….Much less run a small business.

    They are absolutely clueless….And yet…they live and breath from those taxes generated by said businesses.

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