Sep 152016
McKinley "Mac" Phipps, Jr. and son (via YouTube)

McKinley “Mac” Phipps, Jr. and son (via YouTube)

Former No Limit Records recording artist McKinley “Mac” Phipps, Jr., who is currently serving a 30-year sentence for 2nd Degree Manslaughter, has filed an application for clemency, according to an article published by Huffington Post. Phipps, an Uptown native, has served 16 years of the 30-year sentence for the crime, for which he maintains his innocence.

Mac’s arrest came following an incident that occurred during a performance at Club Mercedes in Slidell, Louisiana on February 21, 2000. The former No Limit rapper’s legal team has filed a 32-page application for clemency asserting that Phipps’ conviction is flawed.

Phipps has always maintained his innocence and since his arrest, there’s been major speculation regarding the validity of the case against him. Many of the holes associated with the trial include eye witness accounts pointing to another person as the shooter, a recorded confession from a member of Mac’s security team, and a statement from a key witness for the prosecution who states that she was threatened and coerced by the district attorney’s office into naming Phipps as the shooter.

The Louisiana Pardon & Parole Board will either send the plea to the governor’s desk or reject it. At this time, it is unknown exactly how long the process may take. However, Phipps and his legal team are hopeful that the decision will be in their favor.

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