May 252016

live oak supper club

As it continues its year-long project to beautify the fountains of the Lower Garden District, the Coliseum Square Association is launching a new “Live Oak Supper Club” fundraiser starting in June.

Dinner will be prepared by Gracie Evans-Gan, former sous chef of Herbsaint, and paired with wine and cocktails in the recently renovated Felicity Church on June 9, the association announced. Tickets are $80 per person at, and proceeds will benefit the Lower Garden District Parks and Fountains Fund.

  3 Responses to “Coliseum Square launches “Live Oak Supper Club” as fundraiser for fountains”

  1. That sounds like the worlds worst punk rock song , sung by an old man band on the mound in Coliseum Square. “OFF LEASH DOGS!!!, ….IN MY PARK!!!!…JUMPING IN MY FOUNTAINS!!!!… F#%K * OFF! ………LEASH DOGS!!!!!!!”

    Sad, if that is what old punk rockers become.
    Just Old Curmudgeons

    Incidentally again, assuming that commenter is using his real name.

  2. Hey D, so I saw you responded to me a month after I commented so here’s your response 3 months after that. If your point was that my comment has nothing of substance I’d refer you back to your first comment. The story was about local peoples efforts to rebuild and beautify a park that of course has been left to partially rot by the city and others and how there are a group of locals who are trying to change that through hard and selfless work. You on the other hand apparently just have complaints to add about dogs off leash and now you have doubled down and morphed to full on dog attacks. Remember this was a story about a fundraiser for parks and fountains. Got it, your comment was relevant because some dogs get into fountains and now apparently they are attacking. Question, are they attacking while in the fountains? As far as your name, I was commenting on the fact that it is the same as a former local punk musician and the irony of a former punk fighting for dogs on leashes isn’t really very …well punk. I’m not trying to comment on dogs being off lease here or advocating but again this was not what the story was about. Also, since this was your only comment to a story about people doing something good for the neighborhood, it made the focus really about you rather than the story. So since you focused on you, I then focused on your crappy attitude with some humor. So thats not really “ad hominem” since your comment spoke far more about yourself and your anger than the story of a dinners to raise money (which incidentally have raised more than 50K now). So D, get ready for another operational fountain and the dogs it may bring.

    • Sir, my original comment was an eleven word, ironic comment. Sad that it had to attract such vindictiveness followed by a novel in an attempt to justify that vindictiveness. A simple apology would have sufficed.

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