May 252016

live oak supper club

As it continues its year-long project to beautify the fountains of the Lower Garden District, the Coliseum Square Association is launching a new “Live Oak Supper Club” fundraiser starting in June.

Dinner will be prepared by Gracie Evans-Gan, former sous chef of Herbsaint, and paired with wine and cocktails in the recently renovated Felicity Church on June 9, the association announced. Tickets are $80 per person at, and proceeds will benefit the Lower Garden District Parks and Fountains Fund.

  • Privateer

    That sounds like the worlds worst punk rock song , sung by an old man band on the mound in Coliseum Square. “OFF LEASH DOGS!!!, ….IN MY PARK!!!!…JUMPING IN MY FOUNTAINS!!!!… F#%K * OFF! ………LEASH DOGS!!!!!!!”

    Sad, if that is what old punk rockers become.
    Just Old Curmudgeons

    Incidentally again, assuming that commenter is using his real name.