Jan 132016
Jean-Paul Villere

Jean-Paul Villere

Paul Simon recently let the cat out of the bag. He will appear at this year’s JazzFest, but otherwise, historically performers stay hush hush regarding their participation until festival organizer’s reveal the line up en masse.  And that usually happens right about now.  As such, the wild hair of getting back on that prognostication horse has tempted me yet again.

And through divination, conjurings, and tea leaf readings—but mostly looking at existing, published tour schedules—I submit the following 10 predictions. Consider Mr. Simon lagniappe that you may or may not have already known.

1) Ms Lauryn Hill: Two years ago, Ms. Hill was my number 7 pick that didn’t pan out, and then her Voodoo set that year went sideways.  Here’s hoping she gives New Orleans an appearance and worthwhile performance.

2) Charlie Hunter: The prolific Mr. Hunter has a catalogue that won’t quit; let’s see if he shows us what decades of recordings look like at a fairgrounds setting.

3) Ben Folds: Alt rock pianists unite, and be prepared to possibly fight the battle of who could care less.  It’s a lyric, people; look it up.  And don’t forget to give me back my black t shirt!

4) Van Morrison: No stranger to the festival, Van the Man just may return, and what delightful stroll through his legacy that might be.

5) Avett Brothers: Put me down for one dose of American folk rock.

6) Drive-By Truckers: Better make that two doses.

7) Ben Harper: Ok, maybe even three doses.

8) Bonnie Raitt: Another long-time festival headliner, the elder stateswoman of blues and slide guitar would be a welcome addition this year.

9) Kacey Musgraves: Fresh-faced and familiar to the Crescent City, singer songwriter Ms. Musgraves could very well hold court over the muddied masses.

10) Andrew Bird: In 2013, Mr. Bird played 3 sets around the Big Easy, bookending his JazzFest appearance.  Fingers crossed we see something similar this season.

And that’s that.  No ZZ Top, no Duran Duran—though they will be playing during the festival at Smoothie King Center—and of course no Guns N’ Roses.  Perhaps a Voodoo appearance for Axl, Slash et al?  That is, if they can keep their jalopy antics in check long enough to make across the states!  Who do you foresee hitting the festival stages?

Jean-Paul Villere is the owner of Villere Realty on Freret Street and a married father of four girls. In addition to his Wednesday column at UptownMessenger.com, he also shares his family’s adventures sometimes via pedicab or bicycle on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. when are they going to announce the line up?????????

  2. Call me crazy, but I’m crossing my fingers for Dolly Parton.

  3. Jan. 19th.

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