Oct 232015

SWBSeveral blocks of the river-bound side of Broadway Street in the university area will close this weekend so that workers can begin repaving there, in anticipation of bad weather next week, the Sewerage & Water Board announced.

Pavement restoration will begin 7 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 24, and continue through 6 p.m. Sunday in the riverbound lanes of Broadway from Willow to Plum streets, as well was from Green to Birch, according to the S&WB announcement. The final roadway restoration is scheduled to take place Monday morning, the announcement states.

“Contractors working for the Sewerage and Water Board will perform surface restorations to last week’s water line repairs,” the announcement states. “Remaining work includes street surface removal and asphalt overlay. Full lane closures on the riverbound side of Broadway Street will expedite the restoration process in anticipation of inclement weather next week.”

  2 Responses to “Broadway Street repaving to begin over weekend”

  1. This is exactly the reason we have such terrible streets in this city! It is not the soil It is 100% the fault of the SWB. Both of the above referenced sections of Broadway were repaved using federal dollars 3 years ago. Six months after the repaving was done the SWB came right behind and began digging the street up. Now we have to deal with the SWB doing an “asphalt overlay” which basically means create pot holes and cracks. This is insane.

  2. I say we disband the SWB and get private contractors to do the work. I’m not one to generally advocate for outsourcing but this agency is a joke. In no other city have I seen freshly repaved roads that are so terribly uneven and bumpy.

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