Aug 252014
The king's throne in the Krewe of Oak parade on Saturday was stolen, krewe members say. (Robert Morris,

The king’s throne in the Krewe of Oak parade on Saturday was stolen, krewe members say. (Robert Morris,

The Krewe of OAK’s Mid-Summer Mardi Gras parade is intended to be “Outrageous and Kinky,” but not larcenous — so krewe members are genuinely outraged that the tricycle and cart with the king’s throne disappeared from in front of the Maple Leaf Bar after Saturday’s parade.

The Krewe of OAK borrowed the trycycle and cart from the Skinz N Bonez krewe for the parade, which started at the Maple Leaf Bar around 7:30 p.m. (see more photos), traveled up Carrollton to party at Palmer Park for a while, then returned to the Maple Leaf around midnight. The tricycle and throne cart were parked outside the bar, and discovered to be missing around 1:30 a.m., said Krewe of OAK member Kate Curran.

“It is so daring with a street of people,” Curran said. “… Not a small thing to ride away with.”

The tricycle itself is a Sun-brand three-wheeler, 2013 Miami model, with 24-inch wheels and a hand-carved pig skull on the front. The cart with the throne is missing as well, as is the king’s staff and other belongings.

The krewe is reporting the theft to the New Orleans Police Department as well as making flyers in the neighborhood, Curran said.

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  1. Horrible…. it was such a great party up until then. All of my FB friends are re-posting the photo hoping that someone will give more info.

  2. Thank you Robert Morris for your support. Hope you enjoyed the parade as much as we enjoyed your photos. It was still a great time and we can replace Mardi Claw’s bike and cart. We are very sorry that it happened.

  3. everyone from krewe of oak has been great, as well as social media and the press…. I hope to see it returned but its looking like it was def stolen. I would like to keep searching, and especially thank Krewe Of Oak for getting on this immediately. I hope that this can turn into something positive for the community, and raise awareness of the never ending bike thieves in our midst. As a parade community it takes lots of time and love to put a parade together, and when something like this happens? lets just say out of lemons? we will make lemonade. all HAIL Krewe of Oak and thank you for posting this. now, lets go get em!

    • We found the your cart and have possession of it. We have the throne that was on the cart. The thief was identified by a witness. He was given a summons. We plan to go to the court date. Really sorry it happened. We will replace your missing items the best we can. NOPD, media, and the community, our friend, Julie H. included, worked together to solve the crime. I will be in touch soon. Hope you had a good day. Thanks for appreciating KOAK efforts. Hope I can assist your Krewe in some way. We did get em’.

  4. We need a lot more attention from the media with all of the bike thefts that have been occurring in lately. It’s seems like we’re worse off now than we were pre-Katrina. What kind of a horrible person would do this? What ever happened to morals? Even if it was registered with the NOPD, the cops don’t know how to pull up the information anyway. It’s pathetic.

  5. Got a text from my girlfriend, Dr. Radha Raman, Oak St. Medical Clinic who informed me that September Stockstill of Body Bistro also on Oak St. saw the throne. I went to the area and a sweet lady, Leslie Jaggers found the throne and cart on side of the road. She thankfully pulled it to her front yard knowing it was important to someone. We are working on locating the bicycle now.

    Dijai Smith met me at the house with the throne. He was in the neighborhood posting flyers which he produced.

    Don’t mess with the Oak St. community. We stick together. Thanks for everyone that helped.

    Thanks to Robert Morris for sharing this story. Also, Hank Staples and Paulina Trujillo and all the rest for spreading word. Many friends shared on fb.

    Note: If anyone has a picture of the bicycle used to pull the throne, please send to me.

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