Jul 142014
Operation Save America is bringing its "Gentle Revolution" to New Orleans, according to its website. (via operationsaveamerica.org)

Operation Save America is bringing its “Gentle Revolution” to New Orleans, according to its website. (via operationsaveamerica.org)

The New Orleans Police Department’s Second District is preparing for Operation Save America anti-abortion protests planned for Uptown starting this weekend, police said at a meeting in headquarters Friday.

Operation Save America, a fundamentalist Christian conservative organization that opposes abortion, has planned a series of protests from Saturday (July 19) to July 26 that they refer to as “Battle for the Heart and Soul of New Orleans.” The movement is sparked by Planned Parenthood’s designs for a new 7,000-square-foot facility on South Claiborne Avenue that would perform abortions, according to the organization’s website.

“We have some unfinished Kingdom business to complete as we seek the Lord to uproot and overthrow these altars of Moloch,” Operation Save America representatives wrote on the website. Organizers claim that the city’s number of what they refer to as “death camps” have whittled down to one in New Orleans proper, from 8 in 1995.

According to an article from Gambit late last year, the $4.2 million Planned Parenthood facility is slated to open late this year or early next year.

NOPD gearing up
Operation Save American provides few details about its plans for the weeklong protest on its website, though it does note that it has reserved 70 hotel rooms in Kenner. The website also provides updates on efforts to slow the construction of the Planned Parenthood facility on South Claiborne.

NOPD Second District Commander Paul Noel said Friday that his team had a “very robust” plan in place to provide extra security on Claiborne Avenue, as well as on other sites throughout the city.

“We feel we’re very prepared,” Noel said.

The NOPD will have extra vans, tents with shade for police officers, prison wagons and a truck with barricades, Noel said. Additionally, his unit has secured intelligence officers in plain clothing, officers equipped with body cameras and mounted officers to patrol certain areas of Uptown on horseback, he added.

“If we need more resources, we can bring them in gradually to deal with this,” Noel said.

He added that he had scheduled a meeting to discuss how to best handle protests, and the laws involved.

At Friday’s meeting, NOPD Ronal Serpas pointed to Occupy NOLA as an example of how to properly maintain crowd control in tough situations.

“Occupy NOLA did not have single problem in City of new Orleans. We did not overreact and take the bait,” Serpas said, adding that sometimes protestors “want somebody to lose their temper and cross the line and do something.”

Planned Parenthood says organization will remain ‘committed’ to patients

Planned Parenthood officials say they’ll work closely with law enforcement to ensure safety of their patients, even if they are meant to feel intimidated, according to Jewel Bush, the communications manager in Louisiana for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc.

“Planned Parenthood’s primary concern is for the health and safety of women in Louisiana.  We are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that our patients and women and men who need high-quality, affordable health care can access it freely and safely,” Bush said in an emailed statement. “These protests are designed to intimidate communities and the many patients who rely on Planned Parenthood for basic health care services including lifesaving cancer screenings, testing for HIV, treatment for sexually transmitted infections and family planning and birth control. The bottom line is women should be able to get health care without fear of violence, harassment or intimidation.”

During thirty years of operation, the organization has worked to help women prevent unintended pregnancies as well as provide abortions, Bush added.

“The overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood services focus on prevention including contraception, breast and cervical cancer screenings and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.  No organization does more to prevent unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion that Planned Parenthood,” Bush said. “If these protesters were truly committed to reducing unintended pregnancies, the need for abortion and the alarming rates of sexually transmitted infections and HIV in this community, they would stop the harassment and work with Planned Parenthood and other health care providers to address these dangerous health disparities.”

New Orleans Abortion Fund prepared

Jessie Nieblas, a member of the board of directors of the New Orleans Abortion Fund, says she worries about the health of women seeking reproductive services in Planned Parenthood and other clinics when groups like Operation Save America protest.

Initiated in 2012, The New Orleans Abortion Fund is a local segment of a national organization that helps provide monetary support for women seeking a full spectrum of reproductive services, including abortions, through pledges. Last year, the fund helped 200 women, Nieblas said.

Nieblas adds that her main concern next week isn’t that the group will protest the Claiborne Avenue site, which has yet to open, but that members will protest elsewhere and potentially interfere with women’s ability to get services through clinics around the city.

“I do feel it’s going to have a big impact on health care access while protestors are there,” Nieblas said, adding that one targeted area is the Women’s Health Care Center on General Pershing. “They’re blocking a clinic that sees thousands of patients every year.”

While there are federal laws that prohibit blocking access to clinics, Nieblas says that law isn’t always followed. To that end, her organization plans to have representatives in place to help women get in and out of the clinic — but not to engage with the crowd outside.

“What’s important is that they’re not counter-protestors,” she said.

Nieblas said she was glad to hear that NOPD had a plan in place.

“We are really counting on NOPD and other agencies to uphold the health care needs of our community,” Neiblas added.

This story was updated on July 16 to add a comment from Jewel Bush, a communications manager for Planned Parenthood.

  • Bethany308

    It is really difficult to deal with the crazies when they are on General Pershing. They use an abandoned property to stand on and chant and harass EVERYONE, not just the women entering the clinic. They park their gross vans on the street. I’ve had to call the police numerous times. I truly am glad to hear the NOPD are preparing. These are not normal people.

    • Wethepeopleradio

      Your right.. People that oppose killing our children are not normal. To think they would have the gall to suggest that other human beings have the right to live… Definitely not normal.

      • Acts for Me

        When will you idiots learn that “pro-choice” does not mean “pro-death”.

        • David,Vlad Scientist

          And pro-lifers are oddly pro-death penalty and also against programs that take care of the kids once they’re born.

          Maybe, just maybe, they are just assholes.

  • Max Niedzwiecki

    I’d like to show my support for the pro-choice side in this. These activists and the world need to see that many people do not agree with them. Suggestions, anyone?

    • Alicia

      as much as I’d like to, it’s only going to fuel their already outrageous fire.

    • Craig

      They should probably just be ignored just like their step-brethren, the Westboro Baptist “Church.”

    • uptnola

      There are just as many people that agree with them as there are that disagree with them. Just out of curiosity what is so great about abortion?

      • Darek

        Why, it’s the best thing ever. Fun for the whole family! Bring yo kids, bring yo grandma, abortions for everyone!

      • donegal_ribbon

        “There are just as many people that agree with them as there are that disagree with them.”

        Can you cite your source?

        “Just out of curiosity what is so great about abortion?”
        Bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, access to medical care, Roe v. Wade, etc.

      • Craig

        No one said that they are “great.” You’d find that many if not most pro-choice folks want abortions to be a rare, last resort option, if you actually talked to them. Prevention of unwanted pregnancy is always preferred to abortion. What’s not “great” is when a group of idealogues want to force women to carry to term as a way to punish them. What’s also not “great” is when that same group of people attempts to make it more difficult for women to access birth control and thereby actually increases the demand for abortion. All in the name of “family values.”

        • uptnola

          If it so wonderful then why would you want it to be rare? If Planned Parenthood wants abortions to be “rare” then why do they have abortion quotas at each clinic?

          • Craig

            Again, no one here said abortions are “great” or “wonderful.” Just you because you are more interested in straw man arguments and repeating the quota nonsense from WorldNetDaily. You clearly aren’t interested in making a factual argument. Using lies to force your personal morals on people is pretty ironic.

    • Emerick

      Donate your money and time. As far as making a public display, leave that up to the pros. They’ve been doing it a long time. But you can certainly volunteer, they will use you.

  • Drainage

    Great, can’t wait to be forced to look at obviously fake pictures of mutilated babies as I drive by.

  • dr. angelface

    guh. these people are even nastier than peta.

  • stonerolled

    these people may simply want to restore to America blessings, if abortion is murder, then the One from who blessings flow will curse, not bless….He doesnt like stuff like that, never has…
    Psalm 106:38 NKJV – And shed innocent blood, The blood of their sons and daughters, Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; And the land was polluted with blood.”
    Even if you hate God to the core of your being, you are better off in a blessed nation than a cursed one where everyone suffers.

    • Craig

      Everyone is better off in a nation where someone else’s religious beliefs are forced on others.

      • uptnola

        Everyone is better off in a nation where all life is precious.

  • BrendaQueenagitator Dolan

    stop harassing women and mind your damned business! ive been to these circus’ they dont even have hats or sunscreen for their own ‘precious’ kids!!! WOMEN WONT GO BACK EVER!!!!

    • uptnola

      Stop harassing unborn children.

    • Romulus

      Civil rights is everyone’s business.

  • BrendaQueenagitator Dolan


    • I passionately agree, but respectfully ask you NOT to do this. Screaming + Drama = ratings/internet hits, so yelling at circus freaks sells their racist hurtful lies to the media on slow July news days. Lets work smarter, not hotter- ignore them. Let them melt…
      Or- If you MUST GO!!!! do it as mole/spy to document their horrible behaviors and illegal activities. Most, if not don’t live close- so keeps feeding the hate and provides bathrooms? Where are they staying? Is it free or an illegal B+B? Is it a church- if so where? Information is power- and The New Orleans Archdioceses has blocks of blighted and vacant Our Lady of Lords Church campus blocks away… Refuses to sell and pays NOTHING in property taxes… Lets sell that to the media, not this screaming…
      Andy Best from 5110 Freret,
      Andy Brott

  • these people are not “pro-life.” They are #forcedbirth advocates, since they don’t give a damn what happens after the woman delivers.

    • Wethepeopleradio

      This is seriously the most commonly used, misinformed, idiotic argument used by the pro death crowd.

      • Craig

        Rather than calling it idiotic and misinformed without taking a bit of effort to show why, perhaps you could tell me: when was the last time a conservative advocated more funding for single/young mothers, lunches at school for low-income families, healthcare for kids, better education for kids? The truth is they’re too busy planning to invade other countries and making it easier to execute prisoners. “Pro-life” is a sad misnomer.

      • Acts for Me

        Are you against the death penalty as well? Something tells me you’re not.

    • Romulus

      No, they are civil rights advocates. Hope this helps.

  • Guest

    Maybe they’ll get distracted and join the zealots on Bourbon Street.

  • Angie Peckham

    It’s seriously annoying that we have to divert desperately needed police units for this disaster.

    • Wethepeopleradio

      They don’t have to. There will be no laws broken.

      • Angie Peckham

        Umm…according to the article, which I assume you read, we ARE diverting police to the targeted spots.

        “NOPD Second District Commander Paul Noel said Friday that his team
        had a “very robust” plan in place to provide extra security on Claiborne
        Avenue, as well as on other sites throughout the city.

        “We feel we’re very prepared,” Noel said.

        The NOPD will have extra vans, tents with shade for police officers,
        prison wagons and a truck with barricades, Noel said. Additionally, his
        unit has secured intelligence officers in plain clothing, officers
        equipped with body cameras and mounted officers to patrol certain areas
        of Uptown on horseback, he added.”

      • Acts for Me

        Did you read the article?

  • LegalBeagle

    A sample of 1,028 is hardly representative of the nation. Good try though.

    • uptnola

      He said that pro choice people need to show how many people disagree with pro life people. I was simply saying the country is evenly split. Most presidential polls use similar amounts of people so good try.

  • moon_at_dawn

    Damn Right!!

  • uptnola

    SO let me get this straight – all you pro abortion people claim you want abortions to be rare. If that is the case why are their quotas for the number of monthly abortions performed at planned parenthood clinics. Also, the New Orleans Abortion Fund is set up to pay for abortions for the poor (mainly minorities). Let us not forget that Planned Parenthood was founded Margaret Sanger – a self proclaimed racist and KKK member. She founded PP for the sole purpose of providing abortions for black women – “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” It is no wonder that the majority of the PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods. She would be proud to see her mission is working.
    I really wonder if people like Jessie and Jewel go to bed at night feeling good about themselves. Yay! we just raised $500 lets fund an abortion for a poor black woman. Honestly, how do you all live with yourself. What a sad sad existence.

    • Craig

      It’s interesting that no legitimate news source is covering this “quota” nonsense. Only WorldNetDaily and crazy right wing sites. Also interesting is that a similar “quota” story was outed a few years ago as a right wing smear. You probably thought the AbortionPlex article from The Onion was real too, since it aligned with your preconceptions.

      • uptnola

        I have never read worldnetdaily. For the record the quota story is recent. You really should get your fact straights before you argue (I can cite other articles as well).


        Finally, I find it amazing that you only dispute the “quota” portion of my post. I am sorry that you support and agree with such a racist organization. You sir are a racist.

        None of my posts are lies. Maybe you should do some research before you call people lies etc. Just bc you say my information is not true does not make it so.

        Since you do not think abortion is great or wonderful then how would you describe it? I am interested to know. Again you say you want it to be rare – if it is such a wonderful thing then why do you people suggest it should only be rare?

        So go on and continue to escort women in and out of abortion clinics to kill their babies. You are doing such great charity work. I am sure you feel really good about yourself.

  • Acts for Me

    This is exactly what we need: An already understaffed police depatment making sure a bunch of white people don’t get too crazy in Uptown New Orleans.

  • Acts for Me

    I guess you’re against the death penalty too then, right?

  • uptnola

    Love the argument – let’s kill every baby that is born into low income families – that is what is truly sad.