Jul 092014

Dishcrawl New Orleans is hosting a sold-out culinary tour of Maple Street tonight, and Alicia Serrano and Zach Brien are along for the ride. See below for their live tweets from the event.

Live Blog Maple Street Dishcrawl

  • Cmb6091

    I live down the street and my wife, friends, and I would have loved to go to something like this. If this is ever done again a few weeks heads up would be nice. This would be a great opportunity for everyone in the neighborhood to come together.

    • UptownMessenger

      Cmb — Alicia actually wrote a preview of the event about three weeks ago: http://uptownmessenger.com/2014/06/dishcrawl-on-maple-street-coming-in-july/

      • Cmb6091

        Do not know how I missed it. Now following them on twitter. This seems to have been a pretty tightly run event. A much smaller version of the oak st. po boy festival for Maple st. vendors and restaurants is what I had in mind.