Jul 202014

Michael Dabney (via opcso.org)

Michael Dabney (via opcso.org)

The man convicted of shooting a New Orleans police officer in the thigh in Central City last October now faces an automatic life sentence based on his criminal history, authorities said.

Michael Dabney, 34, was convicted last week on a charge of attempted first-degree murder in the October 2013 shooting of NOPD Officer Troy Pichon. Sgt. Eric Guillard, Pichon’s partner, said at the time that Pichon may have saved his life, because Dabney was originally shooting at Guillard until Pichon drew his fire away.

For more information, see the following news release from the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office:

A jury found Michael Dabney, 34, guilty-as-charged of one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. NOPD officers Troy Pichon and Eric Guillard were on proactive patrol at Third and LaSalle Streets in Central City following a string of armed robberies in the area.

When the officers observed the defendant in the street clutching his waistband as though he was armed, Officer Pichon exited the patrol vehicle and attempted to stop the defendant. The defendant fled on foot and Pichon chased him. Officer Guillard followed in his patrol vehicle. As recorded on security footage from a building in the area, the defendant fired several shots at Pichon. Pichon returned fire but was struck in the thigh.

The defendant fled the scene but was discovered by NOPD canines hiding naked under a house in the vicinity. Additionally, police found the clothes and weapon of the perpetrator in the vicinity. Each item contained the defendant’s DNA.

Assistant District Attorneys Jason Napoli and Taylor Anthony prosecuted the case.

The defendant has two prior convictions for possession of heroin and additional convictions for second-degree battery and armed robbery. Because of multiple convictions for crimes of violence, the defendant will face an automatic life sentence when the District Attorney’s office files a Multiple Bill. Prior to trial, the DA’s office offered to allow the defendant to plead guilty in return for a 40 year sentence, but the defendant declined the offer.

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