Jul 082014
A rendering of the Oak Lofts complex included in the demolition application. (via nola.gov)

A rendering of the Oak Lofts complex included in the demolition application. (via nola.gov)

The request to tear down a building to make way for the new Oak Lofts condo and gym complex and demolition requests in nearly every other corner of Uptown New Orleans were delayed by two weeks, after the city panel failed to gather enough members to hold a meeting legally on Monday — in part because five of its 13 seats are vacant, officials said.

1934 Peniston Street (via nola.gov)

1934 Peniston Street (via nola.gov)

The demolition request for Oak Lofts at 8616 Oak Street was just one of 16 items on the agenda that were delayed when Monday’s meeting was postponed — details of which can be found at Mid-City Messenger. More than half the requests before the NCDC on Monday were in various Uptown neighborhoods, according to the agenda:

  • 1012 Valence Street and 920 Dufossat Street, both requests to tear down existing houses and rebuild new ones on residential streets near Magazine Street),
  • 1934 Peniston Street near the Milan area (a request to tear down a house in “imminent danger of collapse,” according to an engineer’s report),
  • 3819 Gen. Pershing Street and 3218 Toledano Street in Broadmoor,
  • 9107-09 Fig Street and 8829-31 Apple Street in Hollygrove,
  • and 2923 1st Street in Central City.

  7 Responses to “Demolition proposals for Oak Lofts apartments, other properties delayed”

  1. Just for fun, anybody that finds this rendering of the Oak Street Loft “unacceptable” or just plain ugly for Oak St (fine for Metairie) please make your selection here.

    • I think it looks great.

      • The rendering looks great especially for a street like Oak that is very commercial. Why do people seem to automatically oppose anything that appears new especially when this development will bring home owners (Condos) to an area primarily filled with rental property?

        • The facade would be greatly enhanced if they used a different design for the balcony – it appears to be an “off the rack design.”

  2. I think it’s really nice actually. Good blend of modern & traditional. Great for Oak. Glad someone is investing.

  3. So refreshing! Looks like 3 individual buildings and will only benefit Oak St… very excited to have a gym in this area!

  4. Looks great. Very exciting to see this development. Keep up the good work.

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