Jun 302014

An on-duty New Orleans Police SUV crashed into a beauty salon on Louisiana Avenue on Sunday evening, but no one was inside at the officer was not harmed, authorities said.

The officer was driving on Louisiana Avenue around 11 p.m. Sunday (June 30) “and attempted to turn onto LaSalle when he was distracted, lost control of the vehicle and struck a building,” according to NOPD Officer Garry Flot, a departmental spokesman. The beauty salon was closed with no one inside, and no one was injured in the crash, Flot said.

The crash remains under investigation, Flot said.

  7 Responses to “Police vehicle crashes into Central City beauty salon”

  1. Ah: yet-another good argument for the return of police foot patrols!

  2. I routinely see police officers driving while being distracted by the gadgets in their car, whether it be a cell phone, computer, or radio. I’m not shocked this happened, and I don’t believe its the first time.

  3. What was the make, model, and model year of the police vehicle? Turn, check. Initial slow-speed with braking, check. Sudden unintended acceleration of the ELECTRONIC kind? Typical scenario if you track them…carefully.

    • Good points, especially if the vehicle is a Toyota. There’s an epidemic of vehicles crashing into buildings in circumstances that suggest electronic defects consistent with what embedded systems expert Michael Barr found when he examined Toyota’s electronic throttle control. His findings raise questions about the reliability of electronic throttle controls regardless of the brand, and the public is entitled to know a few fundamental details when accidents occur. It seems the auto industry is trying to delay implementing the kind of electronic fail-safes that have been standard in the airline industry for years. I’ve been blogging about the electronics issue – search “Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU…”

    • You meant of the driver-error kind. Never been any proof that electronics played a part. Human error? That’s the cause.

  4. Where are the DRIVER’S words? Why does a spokesperson have to intervene? Is this a distraction from the all-too-common vehicles-into-buildings scenario happening right now? Is ANYONE looking at the electronics, particularly the electronic throttle control systems which have poorly designed software and plenty of computer glitches that are undetectable once the vehicles restart?

    • Is he gonna be drug & alcohol tested?! What
      distracted him? Or is everything gonna be ok because
      no one was in there?……..yeah right!!!

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