Jun 092014

Meyagi Baker (via opcso.org)

Meyagi Baker (via opcso.org)

A man’s attempt to empty an acquaintance’s ATM account at gunpoint led to his arrest early Saturday when he fell asleep during the robbery, New Orleans police said.

The victim, a man in his early 60s, owed money to 17-year-old Mayaji Baker, according to the initial police report.

“After retrieving money from the ATM, [Baker] told the victim he wanted the rest of the money out of the victim’s account and held the victim at gunpoint waiting for the money to become available,” the report states. “The subject fell asleep and the victim alerted the police.”

(map via NOPD)

(map via NOPD)

Baker was arrested afterward and charged with a single count of armed robbery with a firearm, a conviction for which carries a mandatory sentence of 10 to 99 years. The location of the incident is listed as the 1900 block of Josephine Street (near O.C. Haley Boulevard) in Central City, and the time was around 4:20 a.m. Saturday.

  7 Responses to “ATM robbery-attempt foiled when gunman falls asleep, police say”

  1. What’s the old saying about not being suited for a life of crime?

  2. You got to know what you are doing young boy I wouldn’t call the police I would have took that young fool out

  3. Lmfaooo!!! Crazy!! Right where he needs to be…

  4. y’all are really stupid if you believe someone will fall asleep in the middle of a robbing someone…now its possible for someone to have had hit him and knocked him out in the middle of the robbery that’s make since… people just believe anything they hear now a days just because it’s on the news they lie and over exaggerate all the time and sometimes the police don’t release all of the information of a case/crime to the media…Use common sense people don’t be so quick to believe everything that you hear!!!

  5. Y’all know y’all foolish right. Tell me this…. How does he miraculously fall asleepbstanding up robbing a man at gun point? You are more foolish then I thought if you believe this story

  6. Drugs!

  7. Now THAT’S lazy!

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