May 082014

The City Council is expected to withdraw a proposal to designate traffic on the newly-reopened Newcomb Boulevard as one-way, one of the chief opponents to the plan said.

The long-running saga of traffic on Newcomb Boulevard has rapidly come to an apparent conclusion over the first few months of the year. The city allowed the construction of a fence at Freret Street in 2006, prompting a lawsuit by neighbors opposed to the “de facto” street closure that prevailed at the end of 2013. City officials promised to remove the fence in January, but Newcomb residents sought to purchase the road instead, making it private and allowing the fence to remain. The City Planning Commission rejected that request in early April, and the fence was removed about a week later.

The City Council then placed an item on the agenda to convert Newcomb to a one-way street, but it was deferred until today’s meeting. In an email to supporters Wednesday evening, attorney Keith Hardie quoted Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s office as saying that the one-way proposal “is being withdrawn.”

“I suspect that the proposed ordinance … simply did not have sufficient support on the Council to pass,” Hardie writes. “It could, of course, be re-submitted, but I do not expect that to happen.”

The Council meeting began at 10 a.m. Thursday and, as of, 11 a.m., was embroiled in a discussion of the Holy Cross redevelopment proposal.

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  1. By 11 a.m. the proposed ordinance had been withdrawn.

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