Apr 192014

Two armed men forced their way inside a Broadway Street house and held the resident at gunpoint while they searched the home Friday afternoon, Tulane police said.

The victim — who is not affiliated with Tulane — answered a knock at the door of his home on Broadway near Spruce around 3 p.m. Friday to see two men on his doorstep, one of whom had a gun, according to a Tulane police crime alert. They forced their way in and made the victim lie on his couch while they searched his home “allegedly looking for narcotics,” the report states, and then they left shortly afterward toward Audubon Street in a maroon-colored sedan.

One of the intruders is described as a black man in his late teens of average height and weight, with a dark skin tone and a thin mustache, wearing blue jeans with a red shirt or hat, the report states. The other suspect is described as slightly older, in his mid 20s, and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, the report states.

New Orleans police are investigating. Anyone with information should call the NOPD Second District at 658-6020 to speak to a detective, or call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111 to leave an anonymous tip that could be eligible for a cash reward.

  • Larry

    The coppers could use a grammar lesson. And their mistakes should not be repeated by news outlets. WGNO repeated the mistake, too.: “…made the victim lay on his couch ….”

    • UptownMessenger

      Cops got enough to worry about, but news outlets definitely do need a copy editor… but until we reach that point, we appreciate the watchful eye of our readers. Thanks for the catch, Larry.

  • pfvayda

    This is downright scary. My neighborhood. The good safe ones ain’t der no mor.

  • KurtB

    I’d like to buy the above poster a beer. He or she gets it .

  • martine

    The best man was Pennington, by far. We have a Banana Republic, Justice System. A police department, that is begging for help. When parents stop sending their kids to Tulane, etc maybe then they will get the message. It’s criminal, the way this town handles crime. They have had 40 years to get their act together. One more thing you have to police your own neighborhood, it’s the only way it gets done.