Apr 282014

The Welcome Table New Orleans — a grant-funded effort “to facilitate meaningful and honest discussions about race in respectful, safe and structured spaces” — will launch tonight (Monday, April 28) with an informational session at New Hope Baptist Church at 1807 Lasalle Street in Central City.

The event begins at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. For details on the Welcome Table program, see the news release below:

The Welcome Table New Orleans Promotes Relationship Building Among Citizens to Improve Communities

Today, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced a new multi-year initiative focused on race, reconciliation and community-building. Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Welcome Table New Orleans, will bring citizens of different racial groups and backgrounds together to build relationships that lead to improvements in key areas throughout the city.

The Welcome Table New Orleans will be offered in partnership with the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation. Housed at the University of Mississippi and founded by former Governor William Winter, the Institute works with communities to facilitate meaningful and honest discussions about race in respectful, safe and structured spaces. The discussions begin with relationship building and can lead to citizen-led efforts that positively impact communities. The Urban League of Greater New Orleans is also a partner in this effort.

“The goal of The Welcome Table New Orleans is to bring diverse citizens from across the city together to meet, share experiences and work together to improve neighborhoods and communities,” said Mayor Landrieu. “As I said four years ago, race is a topic that you can’t go over, or under or around – you have to go through it. I believe our city’s diversity is a strength, not a weakness, and that the people of New Orleans are ready to look closely at the ways in which race and reconciliation can have a positive impact instead of a negative impact.”

Landrieu also said “the people of New Orleans understand that in order for the city to progress, we must tackle the tough challenges. Whether it’s NOLA FOR LIFE’s murder reduction strategy or future efforts around unemployment and worker training, New Orleans can take on the most difficult issues when citizens come together and work together to find solutions. “

Information sessions on The Welcome Table New Orleans initiative will be held on Monday, April 28th at 6:00 pm at New Hope Baptist Church in Central City and Tuesday, April 29th at 6:00 pm at St. Roch Community Church in St. Roch. Anyone interested in learning more about the initiative is invited to attend one of the two sessions.

For more information about The Welcome Table New Orleans, contact Deputy Mayor Judy Reese Morse, jrmorse@nola.gov or 504-658-4993

  4 Responses to “Central City church to host first of mayor’s discussions on racial reconciliation”

  1. Let the anti-white hatred begin. This will lead absolutely nowhere besides brainwashing more poor black folks that they are “being held back” by white people & their own behavior has nothing to do w/ their life outcomes. I can’t believe that money is being wasted on this.

  2. Robert- will you report any info from this meeting if you attended?

  3. Sorry folks ! Get the drugs and the scum off the streets. This idea has solution written all over it.

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