Apr 102014

(map via NOPD)

(map via NOPD)

A woman was forced into a home and raped Wednesday evening near the corner of Hickory and Lowerline streets in the east-Carrollton neighborhood that has seen a disturbing rash of home invasions over the last week, New Orleans crime maps show.

The incident was reported at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the corner of Hickory and Adams, according to the maps.

The victim was forced into a residence and sexually assaulted, according to the initial police report.

The location is one block from Tuesday’s evening’s home-invasion in which a 22-year-old man was pistol-whipped by intruders while visiting a friend, or about five blocks from a Panola Street home where two women were tied up by gunmen last Friday afternoon. Earlier last week, a woman was attacked by a man who tried to strangle her in her home on Green Street on the other side of Carrollton Avenue, but she escaped.

Wednesday’s incident is classified as an aggravated rape, which is usually defined under state law as non-consensual sexual intercourse in which the resistance of the victim is overcome by force, threats or other means.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas is holding a news conference at 12:45 p.m. today to discuss an arrest made in the rape. Uptown Messenger will cover the news conference live.

  2 Responses to “Aggravated rape reported in east Carrollton”

  1. those who know me know that I am not usually at a loss for words. But all the violence in the Carrollton section is giving me pause. What is going on and why can’t we get this aberration under control? I know that the police, bless them, have increased patrols in the area. And we all know to be vigilant in this day and age. But what can we, the citizens, do? This reminds me of the recent closing of VERVE art collective, of which I was a member, at 1110 Canal Street. The violence and drug dealing was terrible in front of our shop; merchants were beaten, I was threatened more than once. But no one in Downtown Development District or our City Council has been able to make a difference. If the police came all the druggies ran away only to return as soon as the NOPD left. Like I said. At a loss for how the violence can be controlled. Anyone got any ideas? Priscilla

    • Just watched the NOPD press conference. Excellent work by the police in arresting the rapist caught in the latest Carrollton violence. Turned out he was one of the men involved in the Panola Street invasion. So glad we have increased surveillance in the neighborhood. Now to get rid of the scum on the streets of our city.

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