Mar 182014

Sophie B. Wright’s return to its renovated home on Napoleon Avenue has been delayed by the discovery of more termite damage; two employees of the former Xavier University Preparatory School have been charged with embezzlement, middle-school grades are shifting between Crocker and Cohen College Prep, and a new principal is on the way to De La Salle, according to recent reports.

Sophie B. Wright had been slated to start the next school year back in its home on Napoleon Avenue, but will spend several more months than expected in the former Johnson Elementary building in west Carrollton after the discovery of termite damage in the Wright building’s roof trusses, according to a report by Kristen Himmelberg for The Lens.

Nearly $61,000 in 2011 and $24,755 in 2012 was stolen from Xavier Prep, leading to last week’s arrest of former Beverly Benn on a theft charge and an arrest warrant for another employee, Carolyn Vital, according to a report by Jim Mustian of The New Orleans Advocate. The embezzlement centered on student fees, and it is unclear whether the loss of the money contributed to the financial problems that led to the closing of the school and reopening as St. Katharine Drexel Prep, Mustian reports.

The 6-8 middle school grades are shifting one at a time from Cohen College Prep high school to Crocker elementary, with Crocker students simply staying put as they rise into middle school, reports Danielle Dreilinger of the Times-Picayune. Cohen middle school Principal Noell Lugay decided to leave rather than join the high school administration, prompting some initial upset among students, notes Dreilinger.

Myles Seghers, a longtime local Catholic school administrator who most recently served as interim president at Our Lady of Holy Cross College, will become principal of De La Salle High School this summer, and the current principal, Peggy St. John, will return to teaching, Dreilinger reports in a subsequent article.

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