Mar 252014

On March 16, a Riverbend family awoke to the sound of someone trying to break in their front door, but could not get 911 operators to pick up when they called for help, according to a report by Tania Dall of our partners at WWL-TV. The family’s barking dog eventually scared the would-be intruder away, and it was not until the victims called the NOPD Second District station directly that they were able to contact a police officer, Dall reports.

  3 Responses to “Riverbend family gets no response from 911 during home-invasion attempt”

  1. Do you have a sense for where specifically in the Riverbend this occurred? It’s a rather large area.

  2. Where in Uptown or Riverbend did this occur?? With people paying $400K-$700K for houses (many all in cash) that were just a few short years ago going for $250-$450K, I imagine they’re expecting 911 to answer the phone when they call as someone is breaking into the house they’ve WAY OVERPAID for. Sad.

  3. Sad, but she should’ve had a gun from the jump. The role of the police is to, as a general matter, show up after the bad guys have already started attacking. If you want to keep criminals at bay, particularly in your own home, protect yourself!

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