Mar 052014

nopd2 featIn a “day in the life” glimpse into the perspective of police officers on the parade route, Naomi Martin of The Times-Picayune profiles the efforts of the NOPD’s Uptown-based Second District to use tact to keep the peace rather than the force of their legal authority.

“In a city where the police department is constantly under scrutiny for its problems, Carnival provides a time for officers to make a positive impression with citizens,” Martin writes. “The New Orleans Police Department has turned keeping order amid drunken revelry into an art form.”

In early February, NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas urged district commanders to begin training their officers to apply the lessons from their Mardi Gras assignments to their day-to-day interactions with New Orleanians, reported Della Hasselle of Mid-City Messenger.

“The reason we survive Mardi Gras — unlike what happens with my friends in Vancouver, unlike what happens with my friends in Seattle when they try to pull this off – the reason we survive Mardi Gras with so few cops is because our cops inherently learn in their soul, in their blood: ‘I’ve got to go be friendly with the 10,000 people in this block’,” Serpas said in the Mid-City Messenger report.

  3 Responses to “NOPD Uptown-based Second District’s “common sense, decency” during Mardi Gras spotlighted”

  1. I think the New Orleans police do an awesome time during Carnival. They keep the peace without being intrusive. Kudos to the cops!

  2. Great article, I grew up in the 2nd district and believe that this has always been the thinking in the NOPD’s command of the area.

  3. Kudos to all beyond just the 2nd- with all hands on deck in 12 hour shifts. THANK YOU!!!!
    + the return of no caution tape roped off ladder back rules were fantastic!!!!
    but the generators for LSU-DJ’s need sugar in da gas tanks-
    yes officer wobble dances, but it’s not “your bitchin stereo dude” that makes him- Get some horns, do a drum circle, play your pee pee buckets, use a boom box- make all the noise u want- just not with your pa-pa generator or when a band passes.
    Thanks again NOPD for making MG14 a super fun happy time and BFF-


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