Mar 222014

A man who found a lost iPhone following the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day chronicled his trip up Magazine Street looking for a place to drop it off in a series of videos that the owner afterward posted to YouTube, drawing thousands of views and a rave review of the entire journey from Gambit’s Alejandro de los Rios.

See one of the videos below — all five are embedded in the Gambit post.

  5 Responses to “Lost phone prompts “magical” tour of Magazine Street, chronicled in viral videos”

  1. Checking the contacts and see if there is one marked “ICE” which is for emergency contacts and of course taking it to one one of the carriers they will be able to see who the owner it.

  2. So, did the owner get the phone back?

  3. Yes…. she did get the phone back.

  4. And thanks for the reminder to set up my “ICE” man in my new phone!!

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