Mar 162014

The Lower Garden District watering hole Bridge Lounge will become the “Barrel Proof” bar next month under new ownership, the new Carrollton Market restaurant in the Riverbend is slated to open this week, and the Popeyes on Magazine and Artz Bagels have both closed unexpectedly, in recent dining news.

The proprietors of Sylvain will turn the Bridge Lounge space into “Barrel Proof” next month, featuring beer, whiskey and cocktails “with a three ingredients or less philosophy,” co-owner Sean McCusker tells Todd Price of The Times-Picayune.

In the former location of One restaurant in the Riverbend, Carrollton Market is slated to open Tuesday, with a completely renovated interior, according to Gwendolyn Knapp of Eater NOLA. The farm-to-table menu will strike “a balance between both modern and traditional Southern comfort,” Knapp writes in a separate post about the menu offerings.

With little by way of announcement, Artz Bagels on Magazine quietly closed its doors permanently after Mardi Gras, according to Scott Gold of Gambit.

The Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location at 4041 Magazine Street also closed just as unexpectedly last week, Price reports. The nearest Uptown location of Popeyes is now 4238 S. Claiborne Avenue.

  3 Responses to “Bridge Lounge bought by Sylvain owners; Carrollton Market nears opening; Popeyes on Magazine and Artz Bagels close”

  1. Is the Popeyes closure is a sign of the times? Increased health awareness? Mag St gentrification? Prob not. I think the answer is simply, “No drive thru”. There is growing pressure on FF joints to keep profitability high, and drive thrus are the key. I don’t know who has what franchise rights, but the shiny new PFC at Causeway & Jeff Hwy (Big Eight Wheels!!!) may have doomed Mag St.

  2. Sorry to hear about Artz Bagels. As far as Popeye’s. . . it will be more pleasant to be able to walk by there and not smell that disgusting cooking grease.

  3. Awwww…. I loved the bagel shop and was a frequent patron. Now where do we get good bagels, ’cause the ones at Rouses ain’t so hot….

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