Mar 212014

The Audubon Nature Institute will not file its first campaign-finance report until April 24, more than a month after the March 15 election it was advertising for, because it is not reporting any spending prior to Feb. 21, according to a report by Tyler Bridges of The Lens. Its activities prior to that date — including creation of a website called — were “part of a ‘branding campaign’ that did not specifically advocate the tax,” Audubon’s attorney told The Lens, though at least one critic says that the lack of disclosure allows Audubon to “circumvent” campaign finance laws intended to let the public know who is spending money to influence elections.

  One Response to “Audubon election advertising “circumvents” campaign-finance disclosure laws, critics say”

  1. I was wondering how they could afford those slick commercials. Sleight of hand, as usual. When Archie Manning was included I had to laugh. Who knows more about losing than Archie Who?

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